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Vancouver Entertainment Coupon Books

Entertainment Coupon Book in Vancouver

The Entertainment Coupon Book is a membership program that features hundreds of 2-for-1 coupons at Vancouver stores, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Most of the coupons are of the buy-one-get-one-free kind, but many also offer percentage discounts and other types of deals.

Vancouver’s Entertainment Book

The Vancouver and Fraser Valley edition of the coupon book includes valuable discount offers at hundreds of restaurants and places of interest across the Lower Mainland.

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About the Vancouver Entertainment Book

The Vancouver and Fraser Valley edition of the Entertainment Book is a coupon book with hundreds of 2-for-1 deals for restaurants and attractions in the Lower Mainland.

The book’s full retail price online is $50 (US). It can usually be purchased through a school or non-profit’s fundraising activities in the early fall for $50 (CAD), however, and online for a discount later in the following year.

To get an Entertainment Coupon Book, either purchase a copy from your favourite charity in the fall, or buy one online at shop.entertainment.com.

Vancouver and Fraser Valley Entertainment Coupon Book

How Entertainment Book Coupons Work

When consumers purchase a book they become members in the Entertainment Book program. They can then use as many of the hundreds of coupons in their book(s) as they want. Members can also access additional online savings, plus download an app for their mobile phones.

Entertainment Book coupons are usually valid from August or September of one year until the end of the following year. The 2018 book, for example, was released in August of 2017 and its coupons are valid until December 30, 2018.

* As with everything on this website, the information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge and ability. We do not accept liability for any errors, so be sure to check full details regarding all coupons in the Entertainment Book itself.

Coupon Terms and Conditions

Entertainment Book coupons are both valuable and flexible. You can use them most days of the year and for a wide range of products at hundreds of venues. Some restrictions, however, do apply. Coupons aren’t valid on certain dates, for example, and items already on sale are usually excluded.

Entertainment Book coupons cannot be used on statutory holidays and other special occasions, like New Year’s Eve, which is why coupon expiry dates are December 30th and not the 31st.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day in Vancouver

Other typical days of the year when Entertainment Book coupons can’t be used include the following:

Other special occasions might also be excluded depending on the merchant. For example, a Mexican restaurant might exclude May 5th because it’s Cinco de Mayo, and other places might exclude an entire holiday weekend as opposed to just the one official statutory holiday.

Note: If restaurants always gave things away at half price on their busiest days of the year they wouldn’t stay in business for very long. The same applies to tourist attractions. The point of the coupons is to encourage people to visit on regular “non-special” days, which makes total sense.

Types of Entertainment Book Coupons

Discount offers with Entertainment Book Membership can be used at various kinds of places. There are coupons for restaurants, bars and coffee shops, as well as for tourist attractions, kid-focused activity centres, shows, recreation facilities, retails stores, hotels and even car rental agencies.

Below are examples of some of the different kinds of venues you can use your Entertainment Book coupons.

Entertainment Book Restaurants

Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops

The Entertainment Book is full of 2-for-1 coupons for restaurants including some of the region’s finest and most popular establishments.

Membership offers savings opportunities at popular local chains and fast food venues, like Freshslice Pizza. There are also dozens of discount offers for national and American brands too, like Dairy Queen, A&W, Marble Slab Creamery, TCBY, Quiznos, Burger King, Cora’s and the Pantry.

A number of Lower Mainland bars also have coupons in the Entertainment Book including Johnnie Fox’s Irish Snug on Granville Street, Kelly’s Irish Pub in Surrey and Tidewaters Pub in Delta.

Numerous coffee shops also have coupons in the book including Delany’s on the North Shore as well as other locally-owned cafes and bakeries across the Lower Mainland.

For a list of some of our favourite places with coupon deals, click Entertainment Book Restaurants.

Tourist Attractions Coupons

Some of the Lower Mainland’s most popular tourist attractions are also featured in the 2018 Vancouver & Fraser Valley edition of the Entertainment Book. Examples include the following galleries, museums and gardens.

Galleries & Museums

For a list of even more great museums, click Entertainment Book Rainy Day Places.

Entertainment Book and Museum of Anthropology
Museum of Anthropology on a Rainy Day

Entertainment Book Gardens

In addition to museums, there are 2018 coupons offering for 2-for-1 admission at three of the region’s most famous gardens.

Kid-Focused Activities

The Entertainment Coupon Book contains discount offers at dozens of the Lower Mainland’s most popular venues for children. 2018 examples include the following:

For a list of over 30 other child-friendly venues offering 2-for-1 discounts, click Vancouver Coupons for Kids.

Shows & Entertainment Coupons

Entertainment Book coupons are a great way to enjoy the performing arts and other live entertainment. Deals for members include ticket discounts for the Vancouver Chamber Choir and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, both of which perform at the Orpheum Theatre and other venues.

Other shows and entertainment venues in the coupon book include a comedy club and a couple of movie theatres.

Look through your copy of the book for the full list of places, or click Entertainment Book Rainy Day Places for a list of other indoor activities.

Orpheum Theatre on Granville
The Orpheum Theatre

Recreation Facility Coupons

Numerous recreation-related coupons can be found in the Entertainment Book including ones for bowling alleys, golf courses and community rec centres. Here are just a few examples in 2018:

In addition to sports facilities, Entertainment Books also offer coupons for sports equipment rentals including the following:

Retail & Store Coupons

The Entertainment Coupon Book has an entire section devoted to discount offers at retail stores. In 2018, M&M Meats, for example, offers $5 off a minimum $50 purchase at various locations, as does Pharmasave on purchases of $30 or more.

There are also Entertainment Book coupons for dry cleaning, oil changes, car washes, paint products and a wide range of other items and services that people need every day.

Hotels & Travel Coupons

Entertainment Book Membership also includes discounts at hotels chains including Best Western, Holiday Inn and Ramada. These can be used for overnight stays within the Vancouver region, or pretty much anywhere in Canada or the US.

The coupon book also includes discounts on cruise lines including Norwegian, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Norwegian Sun Cruise Ship in Vancouver
The Norwegian Sun Cruise Ship

Car Rental Agency Coupons

A number of automobile rental agencies offer a variety of discount choices. Car rental coupons range from extra free days to complimentary upgrades to dollar-amount discounts off the total price.

Car companies with coupons in the 2018 Entertainment Book include Avis, Budget and Payless, and, the same as with hotels, most are valid throughout both Canada and the United States.

More About the Program

Entertainment Books are coupon books with editions in over a hundred North American locations including the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and seven other Canadian regions.

Store coupons feature special offers of various forms, whereas restaurant and attraction coupons are usually (but not always) of the 2-for-1 kind.

The membership program saves consumers money while helping businesses introduce themselves to new customers. Selling Entertainment Coupon Books is also a popular way for schools and non-profits to raise money. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Thousands of Lower Mainland residents are members of the program and save money when they shop, eat out and explore the region. People from out of town also sometimes buy the coupon books, usually online, and in advance of their trips.

Using the coupons, locals and tourists alike can do more for less!

Where to Get the Coupon Book

If your kid or neighbour’s child’s school hasn’t already sold you a copy as part of a fundraiser, then you can probably buy a book from some other charity, or purchase one online at shop.entertainment.com.

Vancouver and Fraser Valley Entertainment Coupon Book

Coupon Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Vancouver Entertainment Coupon Book.

TIP #1: New editions of the coupon books come out in the late summer and early fall. Buy your book at the start of the season from your favourite charity so you can support a great cause and start saving right away!

TIP #2: Online prices are in US currency. With purchases through a local charity, however, the regular retail price is about the same, but in Canadian dollars, so you’ll save!

TIP #3: Non-profits do their fundraising sales of the coupon books in the early fall. Later in the year, however, books go on sale for a discount online. By spring time, when the coupons are halfway through their periods of validity, books can be as much as half price, or even more (although in US dollars). That makes it a perfect time to buy a second book!

TIP #4: Don’t wait until the spring to buy your coupon book just because it’s half price. Buy at least your first book early in the season to get use of the coupons for as long as possible! In many cases you only need to use two or three coupons to pay for the entire book (so don’t miss out on saving money just so you can save a few dollars on your initial purchase)!

TIP #5: If you do wait for the Entertainment Book to go on sale at a reduced price, and you buy it online instead of through a school or non-profit organization, consider donating what you save to your favourite charity. You’ll save money, support a worthwhile cause and get a tax receipt!

TIP #6: If you are from out of town but plan to spend time in the Vancouver region, consider buying a coupon book online in advance of your trip. If you eat out and visit area attractions, you can save a ton of money on your vacation!

TIP #7: If you visit Victoria frequently, consider buying the Victoria & Vancouver Island edition of the Entertainment Book so you can save money while you travel. Other Canadian cities with books include Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

TIP #8: To make sure a specific coupon is valid on a given day and for what you want, ask before placing your order in each situation. And if it’s not valid on a given date, don’t fret! Be gracious and come back on a different day.

TIP #9: We at Vancouver’s Best Places believe strongly that local residents should get out and explore the amazing region in which we live! Eating out and going to places of interest can be expensive though. So buy a coupon book, explore more and save money!

TIP #10: When you plan to be in a different part of town for something, look through your coupon book to see what restaurants and attractions are in the area. And if you use the mobile app or keep a copy of the book in your car, you’ll rarely be without your coupons!

Other Information

To purchase an Entertainment Coupon Book online, click shop.entertainment.com.

For information about advertising or fundraising opportunities, check out entertainment.com.

Vancouver and Fraser Valley Entertainment Coupon Book

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