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Vancouver’s David Lam Park

Cherry Blossoms at David Lam Park

A large open space adjacent to Yaletown, Vancouver’s David Lam Park is the site of many events and provides a nice place to relax throughout the year.


David Lam Park in Vancouver’s Yaletown District

David Lam Park is a little under a dozen acres in size. It’s located along False Creek at 1300 Pacific Boulevard next to Yaletown about halfway between the Granville Street and Cambie Street bridges. It’s one of the most notable parks in downtown Vancouver.

David Lam Park isn’t full of trees, forest, ponds and Pitch and Putt Golf Courses. And it’s not on a hill. For those sorts of things you have to go to Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park. It also doesn’t have an outdoor swimming pool or a concession stand. David Lam Park has amenities, like basketball and tennis courts, and it’s right on the waterfront. What it’s most known most for is its wide open space and views of the city.

The park’s location and open expanse make it a popular spot for events in the spring and summer. That includes events belonging to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and the Vancouver Jazz Festival, among others

David Lam Park is also one of the 22 Vancouver parks where you can drink alcohol! It was included in the Alcohol in Parks pilot program in 2021. From July to October of that year, it was legal to consume alcohol in a specific section of the park from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. The program was a success and returns in 2022.


Big Picnic at David Lam Park
The Big Picnic at David Lam Park


Events at the David Lam Park

David Lam Park has plenty of open space which makes it a good place to take in the sun when the weather is nice. Its wide open space also makes it a good place to host events! Below are some of the main events that take place at the park.


Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

In 2022 the opening event of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival was the Big Picnic at David Lam Park in April. The Big Picnic is a free event that’s meant for people of all ages. There are music and dance performances, activities like origami and painting workshops, and sushi catering on offer.

This event used to take place at Queen Elizabeth Park but moved to David Lam Park as of 2022.


Vancouver International Jazz Festival

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival holds concerts at a wide variety of venues each year, and David Lam Park is usually one of them. There is a large outdoor stage set up in the park for the event most years with a series of free concerts over the Canada Day long weekend.


Carnaval del Sol

Carnaval del Sol is a big Latin Festival. It features a number of events including festivities on a weekend in the summer with live music, market vendors, a beer garden and family-friendly activities. The festival on the weekend used to happen at Concord Pacific Place. In 2023, however, it was at Jonathon Rogers Park in Vancouver. In 2023, for the first time, it was at David Lam Park.


Carnaval del Sol in Vancouver
Carnaval del Sol


Paws for a Cause Fundraiser

Paws for a Cause is a BC SPCA fundraising event. It includes a 3 km walk that begins at David Lam Park and goes along the seawall. In addition to the walk there are various activities to enjoy and all of them are dog-friendly (including the beer garden).

Interestingly, dogs aren’t permitted in most areas at the park including on the grassy areas. The Paws for a Cause event, however, offers an exception to that rule.


Vancouver Winter Solstice Festival

Each December the Vancouver Winter Solstice Festival has events at a small number of locations downtown. One of them is at the Roundhouse Community Centre which isn’t inside the park but is very close to it.

This event is admission by donation and includes a lantern procession from the community centre to David Lam Park. There is also a “Labyrinth of Light” to explore at the Roundhouse. The event takes place on December 21st each year.


Yaletown's David Lam Park
False Creek by David Lam Park


Park Amenities and Facilities

David Lam Park has some sports facilities including basketball and tennis courts. There is also a playground for the young folk.

The park is located on the False Creek Seawall which is a good place to walk or bike. Follow the path north and the seawall connects to Stanley Park. Head in the opposite direction and it loops around False Creek to go past Science World, the Olympic Village, Granville Island and beyond.

David Lam Park also has a dock for both the Aquabus and False Creek Ferries. These two mini ferry companies service False Creek from Science World to English Bay and are an option to get around Vancouver’s downtown area.


Other Information

For more information visit the David Lam Park webpage.

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