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Vancouver’s Rogers Arena

Vancouver's Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena is the home ice rink for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. The venue also hosts other performances, concerts and entertainment activities.


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Rogers Arena

Since 1995, Roger’s Arena has been hosting large venues for the public of Vancouver. It was built to replace the Pacific Coliseum (which still exists) and has been home to various sports teams both past and present including the Vancouver Grizzlies (basketball), Vancouver Warriors (lacrosse), and Vancouver Canucks (NHL hockey).

The venue has also been host to numerous world-renowned events. The Juno awards have taken place at Rogers Arena (three times), as have the 2001 Skating World Championships, multiple UFC events and, of course, the 2010 Olympic Games.


Rogers Arena and Georgia Viaduct
BC Place & Rogers Arena


Where is Rogers Arena?

Rogers Arena is located in downtown Vancouver at 800 Griffiths Way (which is just a tiny one-block stretch of road between Pacific Boulevard and Expo Boulevard). The arena is on the other side of the Georgia Viaduct from BC Place Stadium which is a five or so minute walk away. With respect to Public Transit, the arena is also just a short distance from the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain Station.


Events at Rogers Arena

Aside from sports games, the venue also hosts a variety of concerts and performances. See the Rogers Arena website for a list of what’s happening soon. Check out our article about the Vancouver Canucks for information about local NHL hockey games.


2023 Events

As of early January, here are some events currently scheduled to take place at Rogers Arena in 2023.

  • February 9th, 2023 – Thomas Rhett: Bring The Bar With You
  • February 11th, 2023 – Ebi: The Love Project
  • February 28th, 2023 – Old Dominion: No Bad Vibes Tour
  • March 19th, 2023 – SZA: SOS Tour
  • April 1st, 2023 – Wizkid: More Love, Less Ego Tour
  • May 2nd and 3rd, 2023 – Shania Twain: Queen of Me Tour


Hockey at Rogers Arena
Rogers Arena Ice Rink


Tours of the Arena

If you’ve ever wanted an in-depth tour of Rogers Arena and the history behind it and all the insider tips and tricks for navigating the place, now you have the opportunity to. Rogers Arena hosts tours from Wednesday to Sunday, with three different time slots to choose from per day.

There are also Game Day tours where you get a tour of the arena plus at least 30 minutes to watch the practice of one of the professional sports teams who use the facility.

Typically game day tours occur when there is a game being held later that evening. The tours usually start at either 10:15 am or 11:35 am. If you want to see the home team practicing (like the Canucks) then the 10:15 am time slot is your best bet. If you want to see the away team practicing, then choose the 11:35 am slot.

General tours take place at the following times:

  • Wednesday to Saturday – 10:30 am, 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm
  • Sunday – 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm

Tours cost around $12 for adults and $8 for seniors and students. Youth ages 4 to 12 cost $6. Children under 4 years of age are free. There are also family packs available for around $30 and special group rates if you are attending with at least 15 people.

(Note: Prices and other details are subject to change.)


Facilities Inside the Arena

In the arena there are a number of facilities such as restaurant/concession stands and merchandise shops.


Food In Rogers Arena

See below for a list of some of the restaurants and eateries that sell food inside the arena and where they can be found.

  • Crisp – Section 111
  • Triple O’s – Section 115 and 307
  • Panago Pizza – Sections 118 and 318
  • Steamers – Sections 120 and 330
  • Melt – Section 122

In addition to the above food choices, there are also a variety of alcoholic beverage stands available around the arena.


Vancouver's Rogers Arena
Rogers Arena


Tip and Tricks for Navigating the Arena

Here are some useful tidbits of information to help you have a seamless experience at Rogers Arena.

TIP #1: Bags must be smaller than 14″ by 14″ by 6″. If your bag is bigger than that security won’t allow you to enter until you’ve gotten rid of it.

TIP #2: If you’re going to a concert, game or performance with a little one you can get booster seats for them to sit on so they can see everything. These are available at Sections 104 and 310 but it’s first-come first-serve so make sure you get there early.

TIP #3: Check out the extensive list of what’s not allowed in the arena. Some items are common sense like knives and other weapons, but some are random like helium balloons, noisemakers and rollerblades.


Other Information

To see more about this venue and the events that take place inside see the Rogers Arena website.

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