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Vancouver’s Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Premium Venues

Celebration of Light Fireworks

The Honda Celebration of Light is one of the biggest and most amazing events in Vancouver. You can enjoy the fireworks in style at one of its exclusive venues.

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the three nights of the event each year. English Bay Beach is the best place to watch the fireworks from, but it’s crazy crowded. For folks wanting to pamper themselves, the absolute best places to enjoy the shows from are the Concord Pacific Grandstand and Patio, Inukshuk Point and Scotiabank Lounge. If you can watch from one of these locations, you won’t be disappointed!

Dates for the event in 2023 are July 22nd, 26th and 29th.

For the most up-to-date details about the event, and for tickets to its premium venues, see the Honda Celebration of Light‘s website. For tickets and information about ways to watch the fireworks from the water, see our articles about Vancouver Boat Parties and Vancouver Cruises.


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Ticketed Events for the Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival

The Honda Celebration of Light is a massive fireworks festival that takes place over English Bay.

The festival functions as a fireworks competition and a pyrotechnic company from a different country performs a show on each of the three nights. In 2023 the participating companies are Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics from Australia, Grupo AVACON from Mexico and Blue Peacock Fireworks from the Philippines.

Check out our article about the Honda Celebration of Light or visit hondacelebrationoflight.com to learn more about the festival itself. Continue reading below for details about some of the most comfortable and exclusive places to watch the fireworks.


Celebration of Light Fireworks


Ticketed Venues for the Festival

The dates for 2023’s festival are Saturday, July 22nd, Wednesday, July 26th, and Saturday, July 29th.

There are many places from which you can watch the fireworks as they are massive displays that can be seen from a long distance. For those who want more of a VIP treatment there are a few venues that offer ticketed events on the nights of the festival. They are the Concord Pacific Grandstand and Patio, Inukshuk Point and Scotiabank Lounge. All four are amazing and well worth the price!


Grandstand at English Bay
The Grandstand at English Bay


Concord Pacific Grandstand

This section of seating is located just off the beach at English Bay. The Grandstand provides reserved seating that is elevated for better sightlines of the fireworks. This means you’ll avoid the large crowds of people who gather on and around the beach itself. The section is open for those of all ages. The venue has a liquor license along with a small alcohol-free zone available upon request most years.

The Grandstand opens at 6:30 pm on each of the event dates. Tickets in 2023 are $62.70 (plus online fees). Along with the ability to reserve your seats, patrons also have private washrooms meaning much shorter lineups compared to the majority of those at the beach. Private cabanas above the Grandstand can be rented as well.


Concord Pacific Patio

Due to popular demand, organizers added a brand new seating area in 2023! The Concord Pacific Patio is a 19+ area situated next to the Concord Pacific Grandstand. As its name suggests, the area features patio tables and chairs that are perfect for socializing before the fireworks display. The venue opens at 6:30 pm each night.

Tickets for the Concord Pacific Patio come with free hors d’oeuvres and two beverages. There are also private washrooms and a bar with more drinks available for purchase. General admission to the area costs about $249.00 per person excluding online fees.




Inukshuk Point

Inukshuk Point is even closer to the water than the Grandstand and Patio. It’s set up around the large Inukshuk installation overlooking English Bay. In addition to providing a place to watch the fireworks from very close range, admission to the Inukshuk Point includes a meal, two drinks and access to a private bar for those who want to enjoy more.

Tickets in 2023 are $191.25 for regular admission and $232.41 for those who want to reserve specific tables (including online fees). Tickets for children between the ages of 2 and 12 cost $99. Like the Grandstand and Patio, the lounge typically opens at 6:30 pm on event nights and has its own private washrooms. There is also live music accompanying the fireworks show.


The Concord Lounge at English Bay
Concord Lounge at the Inukshuk


Scotiabank Lounge

The third ticketed venue for the Honda Celebration of Light is the Scotiabank Lounge. It’s on the roof of the English Bay Bathhouse. Set a little bit further back from the water, the elevation of the lounge gives patrons a clear view of the fireworks as they blast off into the sky.

Similar to the Concord Pacific Patio, the Scotiabank Lounge is for folks ages 19+. Admission comes with two complimentary drinks as well as hors d’oeuvres provided by the Stanley Park Brew Pub. As is the case with the other venues, the lounge usually opens at 6:30 pm and has its own washrooms. There is also live music there as well. Tickets in 2023 are $160.38 for general admission and $222.12 for reserved tables (including online fees).


Celebration of Light Lounge at the Inukshuk
Concord Lounge at the Inukshuk


Fireworks Video

To give you a really good idea of what the fireworks look like, especially as viewed from near the Inukshuk, check out the video below.

As you’ll see in the video, the premium venue from where this video was taken is beautiful! It’s not crowded and it has exceptional views. Guests there also get a delicious dinner and comfortable seating. They are also the only people who get the absolute best view of the fireworks behind the silhouette of Vancouver’s world-famous Inukshuk.



Other Information

For more information about the fireworks event and its premium venues, visit the Honda Celebration of Light website.

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