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Pet-A-Palooza in Vancouver’s Yaletown

Maltese Dogs at Pet-A-Palooza

Pet-A-Palooza is a free Vancouver street festival where thousands of people, dogs and pet-product-related vendors take over a street in Yaletown in August.


Pet-A-Palooza: Day of the Dog

Pet-A-Palooza takes place in the 1100 block of Mainland Street in the heart of Yaletown in August each year. In 2020 it was supposed to be on Sunday, August 23rd, from 11 am until 4 pm, but the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. After considering the popularity of the event, organizers have decided to host two events in 2021! The first part of the 2021 street festival is on June 6th, and the second is on August 29th. Additional details about each day are to be confirmed.

Pet-A-Palooza is a free and very pet-friendly event that features dog product vendors, dog races and hundreds of four-legged friends wandering around the street with their owners.

At Pet-A-Palooza Vancouver there are the following events:

  • Puppy Stampede – a race that’s open to all puppies under half a year of age.
  • Running of the Bulls – a 20-foot-long race for bulldogs.
  • Wiener Dog Race – a race for dachshunds.

Also at the event there are opportunities for photos, Q&A sessions with vets and bang haircuts and pedicures (for the dogs, not the people).

Pet-A-Palooza is an awesome event for people who love dogs and want to show off their pooches. Everyone is welcome!


Pet-A-Palooza Dogs in Yaletown
Taking a break from the Pet-A-Palooza crowds


About Pet-A-Palooza

Pet-A-Palooza is a fundraising event for the Just Love Animals (JLA) Society which is a non-profit canine community that provides holistic treatment and rescue rehabilitation services for dogs. The organization is based on Vancouver Island.

JLA does the following things:

  • Creates a community of likeminded individuals to celebrate animals
  • Hosts community events (like Pet-A-Palooza) and brings local, ethical businesses together
  • Fosters awareness about animal welfare
  • Educates and brings awareness about holistic care
  • Rescues and rehabilitates dogs in need from across the continent

The Pet-A-Palooza event serves a number of purposes. It raises money for the Just Love Animals Society. It also helps the organization educate the public and create awareness about themselves, holistic canine care and the importance of animal welfare.

Vancouver is not the only city that JLA hosts a Pet-A-Palooza Day of the Dog Festival. They put on similar events in Victoria, Calgary and Scottsdale Arizona.


Pet-A-Palooza Video

Below are a couple of videos showing how many dogs and different dog breeds attend Pet-A-Palooza with their owners. As you’ll see, if you like dogs, you’ll love this event.



Here’s another, similar video. This one has a cute puppy at the end!


Other Information

For further details about the Day of the Dog event in Yaletown, click Pet-a-Palooza Vancouver.

To learn more about the non-profit organization behind the event, check out the Just Love Animals‘ website.

For more information about the area that the event takes place, click Yaletown.

If you like dogs and this kind of event, you might be interested in Paws for a Cause (in Yaletown in September) and the Pet Lover Show (in Abbotsford in late winter).

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