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North Vancouver Terry Fox Run

North Vancouver Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run is a fundraising event for cancer research. In North Vancouver it’s organized by a local Rotary Club and takes place at Inter River Park.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Terry Fox Run was held virtually in 2021. In 2022 the run happened in-person on September 18th. Sadly, the run is virtual again in 2023. This means that participants can sign up to run the race online but then do it on their own accord on whatever track they so desire. 


Terry Fox Runs in the Lower Mainland

Terry Fox Runs take place in mid-September in more than 9,000 communities all across Canada. In the Lower Mainland alone there are over 20 runs and they all happen on the same day.

The Terry Fox Run is a fundraising event where participants are encouraged to make a donation and/or get pledges from their friends. There is no registration fee and no minimum donation amount required. All contributions are appreciated and funds raised go to the Terry Fox Foundation and the fight against cancer.

In an average year as much as $10,000 is collected at the North Vancouver event. Millions of dollars, meanwhile, are raised across Canada.


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Terry Fox Run at Inter River Park
Walking and Running at Inter River Park


Terry Fox Run at Inter River Park

Hosted by the Rotary Club of North Vancouver, the Inter River Park event attracts up to 200 people each year. Participants can run, walk or ride their bikes. They can usually also choose between a 2-km or 5-km route. Dogs on leash are also welcome.

The North Shore Terry Fox Run has been hosted by the Rotary Club of North Vancouver for around 20 years. It has grown into a community-building fall tradition that is fun, good exercise and for a great cause!


Terry Fox Run Video

Below is a video of the Terry Fox Run in North Vancouver in 2019. The event takes place rain or shine! See further below for a description of what to expect.



Where and When is the North Van Run?

North Vancouver’s Terry Fox Run takes place at Inter River Park. The park is close to Capilano University’s main campus and directly north of the Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge.

The run takes place on the second Sunday after Labour Day in September. In 2022 registration began at 9:00 am, the run started at 10:00 am and by noon it was all over and everyone headed home.

The address for Inter River Park is 1301 Lillooet Road. The park itself runs along the side of Lynn Creek. There are trails that stretch from the north end of the park all the way to Park and Tilford Mall a couple of kilometres to the south. Some of the trails are paved but much of the ground is gravel.


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Parking Tips

Inter River Park is a fairly large park. It has a considerable number of parking spots spread out around the area. Most of the parking is just north of the starting area for the run, by the soccer fields. On days when kids’ soccer games take place, which includes Sundays in September, parking spaces can fill up.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding a place to park your car for the Terry Fox Run event, especially if you arrive well before the 10:00 am start time and don’t mind a short walk. Carpooling though is a good idea.

If you can’t find a spot within the park there is also a bit of parking along Lillooet Road, plus up at Capilano University (although that’s a bit of a trek).


North Vancouver Terry Fox Crowds
Starting Area at Inter River Park


What to Expect and the Running Route

Exact details about the event in 2024+ are to be confirmed. In normal years, the North Vancouver Terry Fox event starts in the small parking lot by the baseball diamond and a couple of the soccer fields at Inter River Park. In the starting area there is usually a booth for registrations, another selling souvenirs and a couple of others serving free snacks and drinks.

Of the 150 to 200 or so participants in a typical year, there are people of all ages and abilities. Participants include families with little kids, seniors and every age in between. There are serious runners, fast walkers and people who both run and walk. There are also others who really take their time. It’s a non-competitive event at a beautiful spot. It’s also lots of fun and suitable for everyone (except for folks with mobility issues).

At around 10:00 am everyone is welcomed to the event, sponsors are thanked and a fitness trainer leads everyone in a short warm up. After that the running and walking begins.


The Running Route

From the parking lot participants head down a trail towards the river. Because of the terrain, and the fact that there are some slopes, including the fairly steep one at the start, the route for the Terry Fox Run is suitable for bicycles, but not for wheelchairs, strollers or rollerblading.

Once down the hill, the runners and walkers head north up along the trail that follows the river. Around a kilometre from the start there is a drink station. From there participants head east up a bit of a slope, then south down the road past a series of soccer fields. The group passes the starting parking lot area and heads a little further south before circling back either to the starting area (for the 2-km crowd) or for a second loop (for the 5-km keeners).

(Note: Some runners and walkers don’t pass the starting area and circle back to it – they just head straight there and finish. That’s the official 2-km route. Many continue on though for the extra half kilometre.)

The running route is well-marked and there are friendly volunteers along the way cheering participants on and showing them where to go.


North Vancouver Rotarians at Work
Rotarian Volunteers


Other Information

To learn more about the organizers of the event at Inter River Park see the Rotary Club of North Vancouver‘s website. As you’ll see it’s a service club made up of business people and professionals (both currently working and retired). They meet on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm at Klahanie Park Housing at 380 Klahanie Court.

For a list of other similar Lower Mainland events see our main article about Terry Fox Runs.

To learn more about the charitable cause that benefits from the money raised, or to find other runs, see the Terry Fox Foundation website.

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