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Vancouver North Shore February Sunsets

Pier at Ambleside

In winter some of the best Lower Mainland sunsets can be viewed from Lower Lonsdale, Ambleside, Dundarave and Lighthouse Park on the North Shore.


North Shore Sunsets in February

We’ve seen some pretty amazing sunsets in February. Take a look at these the photos below.


Vancouver from Lonsdale Pier and Lonsdale Quay

The following sunset photos are from both Lonsdale Quay and the Pier near Shipbuilders’ Square at the waterfront in North Vancouver. The sun set over Stanley Park and created a beautiful golden sky over the city.


Vancouver Sunsets in February


Vancouver Sunset from Lonsdale Quay


February Vancouver Sunset


Vancouver Skyline Sunset in Winter


Sunset View from Waterfront Park

Connected with the Spirit Trail that goes all the way to West Vancouver, Waterfront Park is a 5-minute walk west of Lonsdale Quay and the SeaBus terminal. At the park there is a large open green space, children’s play structures and an enclosed off-leash dog area. There is also a small Japanese garden (in the northwest corner of the park just off Esplanade Avenue).

(Note: The photo below was taken in mid-December, so not actually in February. Sunsets two months later are just as beautiful, although with the sun setting a little further to the west, so not behind the core of downtown Vancouver.)


Waterfront Park Sunset
Waterfront in North Vancouver


Sunset by the Ambleside Pier

The following sunsets are from the beach near the pier at Ambleside in West Vancouver. People on the pier were both fishing and admiring the spectacular view.


Sunset from Ambleside
Sunset at Ambleside in West Vancouver


Dundarave Sunsets

The following photos were taken by Dundarave Pier, not far from The Beach House restaurant at around 6 pm.


Sunset at Dundarave Beach
Dundarave Beach


Swinging at Dundarave Sunset
The Swings at Dundarave


Lighthouse Park Sunsets

Sunsets from Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver are beautiful until late into the spring. Just don’t stay too long, especially if you don’t have a good flashlight, as it’s a 15 minute trek back up to the parking lot.

Note: If admiring the sunset at Lighthouse Park, don’t forget that it’s still a 10-15 hike back up to the parking lot from the beach. Don’t stay too late, and don’t forget to pack a flashlight just in case.


Lighthouse Park Sunset with Fog
View from Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse Park Sunset Silhouettes
Dusk at Lighthouse Park


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