Chilliwack Pump Track

The Chilliwack Pump Track is a bike park outside the Chilliwack Curling and Community Centre where people can ride up and down over hills and dips.

As of 2021, the pump track is the largest of its kind in North America. It’s 300 metres long and contains slopes for biking, skateboarding and more.


Bike Pump Track in Chilliwack

Opened in 2021, this in Chilliwack is a large project funded by the city, with a total cost of about $500,000. It features a smooth surface of asphalt and artificial turf.

The pump track is part of The Landing in Chilliwack. The Landing is a 20-hectare site that houses several recreational buildings among them the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre, Landing Sports Complex and a curling rink, to name but a few. Included on this site is the Chilliwack Pump Track.

The track is the largest pump track on the continent. As you can imagine, it’s an exciting addition to Chilliwack’s selection of recreation facilities, especially for local wheeled-sport enthusiasts.

The slopes, figure eight, over-and-under features, and the size of the outdoor facility make the place a popular venue. It’s not a massive place overall but for a pump track it is big. Riders of all kinds can practice and have fun on the track, including BMX, mountain bikers, skateboarders, and even folks on roller blades and scooters.


How Much Does it Cost

The Chilliwack Pump Track is free. There is no cost for admission. Anyone can ride around on it.


Where is the Pump Track?

The pump track is located outside the Chilliwack Curling Club at 45550 Spadina Avenue in Chilliwack. The track wraps around the building so it’s easy to spot.

The track is one of a number of recreational facilities in the area. Close by and pretty much in the same parking lot is the Cheam Leisure Centre with its indoor swimming pool and outdoor spray park in summer. Just a short distance away is the Chilliwack Coliseum (which is home to the Chilliwack Chiefs). Also in the area are a number of soccer fields, a skate park and other sports facilities.


Chilliwack Pump Track
Chilliwack Curling Club and Pump Track


About the Chilliwack Pump Track

Pump tracks are a fairly new phenomenon (as of the early 2000s), or at least they are a relatively new craze. They are kind of like regular bike parks, but instead of having hard-packed dirt terrain they are made of concrete or pavement. The Chilliwack Pump Track’s surface is asphalt, and at the sides all around is artificial turf.

Pump tracks are designed with dips and banked turns so that riders can pump themselves around the circuit instead of peddling. As you ride your bike, skateboard or scooter around the pump track you go up and down over the dips. As you go you sort of “pump” your body up and down. This helps propel you forward. It’s good exercise and a lot of fun.

At the Chilliwack Pump Track there are a couple of different coloured routes. One is more challenging than the other. Admission is free. Helmets are mandatory.


Tips and Advice

TIP #1: Pump tracks are fun, especially for kids. They are for adults too though.

TIP #2: Helmets are mandatory. The surface you ride on is pavement, so it can hurt if you fall. Especially if you have little kids, the same as with skate parks, don’t forget to have a band aid or two on hand just in case.

TIP #3: Unlike bike parks and skate parks, pump tracks aren’t designed for jumps. If you get up too much speed and get lots of air off the crest of a hill, you might end up landing hard on the next hill. We’ve seen people do this and then unceremoniously topple over. It doesn’t look comfortable.

TIP #3: While in the area, check out some of Chilliwack’s other places of interest. Chilliwack Heritage Park, for example, is only about a 10-minute drive away. It hosts the Chilliwack Fair and Rodeo each summer. There is also the Chilliwack Museum and Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

TIP #4: A couple of interesting events in the area are the Chilliwack Tulip Festival in the spring and Chilliwack Sunflower Festival in the summer. In October there are also Halloween activities and a pumpkin patch at Fantasy Farms.

TIP #5: If visiting from Metro Vancouver, be sure to fill up with gas while in the area. Gas in Chilliwack is usually around 10 cents cheaper than in Vancouver because of lower taxes on fuel.


Other Information

To learn more about the municipality and its recreational facilities, see the City of Chilliwack‘s website.

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