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Langley’s Loft Country Christmas

Loft Country Christmas

Loft Country Christmas is a Christmas attraction with an Old West theme at a children’s horseback-riding summer camp facility in Langley in December.

In the summer and at Spring Break the venue runs children’s summer camp programs. In December, for the past number of years (pre-COVID), the place gets decorated with Christmas lights and hosts family-friendly activities.

The Loft Country Christmas event was cancelled in 2020 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. It didn’t happen in 2021 either, and it’s also not taking place in 2022. Hopefully it’ll be able to happen again in 2023.


Loft Country Christmas

Christmas at Loft Country is a fun, wholesome and old-fashioned-style winter holiday attraction. It takes place on a farm that’s also a children’s camp in the summer. At the event in December there are horses and other farm animals as well as carriage rides, Old West scenes to admire, Christmas decorations and various kid-friendly things to see and do.


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Where and When is Loft Country Christmas?

Loft Country is located at 2640 248th Street in Langley and in 2019 its Christmas event ran on December 14th to 15th and 21st to 22nd. Hours of operation were from 5 to 9 pm each day. 2022 dates and details are to be confirmed.


Admission Prices

Tickets to Loft Country Christmas can usually be purchased online (or at the gate) for specific dates. Admission prices in 2018 were the following:

  • General Admission (ages 4 or older) – $15.74
  • Little Tikes (ages 3 and under) – Free
  • Families (of 2 adults and up to 3 children) – $69.29

Note: at the start of the season in 2018 ticket prices started out costing 45% more but then got discounted part way through the season.

Except for the food, drinks, carriage rides and carnival games, most activities are included with the price of admission. The carnival games in 2018 included balloon darts, ring tossing and a shooting game. The cost for these was $2 for three tries and there were prizes you could win. The horse-drawn carriage rides, meanwhile, cost $5 per person. Parking was free.


Loft Country Christmas Santa
Santa at Loft Country Christmas


What to Expect

Loft Country Christmas takes place on a horse farm camp facility, which means you can expect to see horses, other farm animals and a cowboy-themed setting. The place is decorated with holiday lights and there’s Christmas music, Santa and live entertainment. Expect to see a few characters in cowboy hats too.

Parts of the Loft Country Christmas attraction are indoors, or at least under shelter, and other elements are completely outside. There is a main building with a large hall and a stage for the live entertainment. In the hall there is also a small candy cane climbing wall, decorations and a place to buy snacks and beverages.

Last time the entertainment in the main hall included puppet shows, “Western” shows, line dancing and comedy shows run by the camp’s staff. If the event does happen again, we expect 2022 to be similar.


Loft Country Christmas Entertainment
Live Entertainment in the Main Hall


During the Christmas season, other Loft Country attractions include a small bumper car venue, an outdoor marshmallow maze made out of giant plastic-wrapped bales of hay, and a selection of simple carnival style games. There is also a petting zoo with a few ducks, baby goats and a miniature pony, and a live carousel with horses and ponies of various sizes to ride.

At the Loft Country venue there is an area with old-fashioned-style buildings set up like a small Old West town complete with a bank and stores. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are for sale there and you can go into the stores. Also in the town you can catch rides on the horse-drawn carriage with Santa Claus (at a cost of $5).


Loft Country Town at Christmas
Old West Town and Horse Carriage


Tips and Advice

Below is some advice and extra info to help you make the most out of your visit.

TIP #1: The attraction is at a farm so wear boots if it has rained in the previous few days. High heels shoes are also definitely not recommended.

TIP #2: Loft Country Christmas is a family-oriented event that’s suitable for parents and grandparents with young children.

TIP #3: The attraction is busiest from 5:30 until around 7:00 pm, on Saturdays and on days when it’s not raining. On average between around 300 and 350 people attend per night.

TIP #4: The venue is at a farm and the parking lot and some open spaces and pathways are composed of gravel. Consequently, not all areas are wheelchair-friendly or suitable for strollers with smaller wheels.

TIP #5: Expect to stay at the venue for anywhere between 30 minutes and a couple of hours or more. Two hours is pretty typical. Be sure to take in all the attractions including the live shows and horse rides at the carousel, and treat yourself to refreshments in the teepee or Old West town.


Loft Country Christmas
Enjoying Refreshments in the Old Town


About Loft Country

Loft Country Christmas is put on by Loft Country Ministries which is a non-denominational Christian non-profit organization that runs children’s camps during Spring Break and in the summer. Loft Country has been operating for about 10 years and 2019 is the third year that the organization has run its Christmas attraction.

Loft Country Horse Camp runs during the school spring break in March and then again in July and August. Up to around 100 kids attend the camp per week and 1600 children over the course of the year. There is a strong horse theme at the camp, but also a focus on entertainment. Being a church camp there is also about 20 minutes of dedicated chapel time per day with their summer programs.

At the camps there are horse-riding opportunities, fun zones, dancing and drama. The place also has birds of prey, a gold panning station, bumper cars, a jumbo jumping pillow and slip and slides.


Loft Country Pony Riding Stable
Horse riding and live carousel venue


Other Information

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