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Fort Langley During a Festival

Located between Surrey and Abbotsford, the City of Langley and Township of Langley are two out of 23 municipalities that make up Metro Vancouver.


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Zero Latency


The City and Township of Langley

The City and Township of Langley are two separate municipalities. Many Vancouverites don’t know the difference, however, and refer to the region between Surrey and Abbotsford simply as “Langley” (which is what we also generally do for the purposes of this website).

The two communities, when combined, have a population of about 145,000 and are home to numerous festivals and places of interest. The “City” is by far the smaller of the two places. The “Township,” meanwhile, is much larger, both geographically and in population. It’s also quite rural and dotted with farmland.

(Note: To make things even more confusing, there is also the community of Fort Langley, which is actually located within the Township, as is the similarly unincorporated community of Aldergrove).

When people think of Langley they often think of flat terrain, farms, Wine Country and the historic village of Fort Langley.


Langley Arts Alive Festival
City of Langley’s Arts Alive Festival


Langley Festivals and Events

A number of great events usually take place in Langley throughout the year including the following:


Winter Events in Langley


Spring Events in Langley


Summer Events in Langley


Autumn Events in Langley

In addition to the above, there is also the Fort Langley Village Farmers Market. It’s a weekly market on Saturdays from early May until late October in Fort Langley.


Glow Christmas
Glow Christmas


Langley Places of Interest

Langley is home to a variety of tourist attractions and other places of interest including the following:


Farms & Parks


Museums & Adventure Centres

  • Canadian Museum of Flight – a small airplane museum located at Hangar #3 at 5333-216th Street.
  • Chuck E. Cheese – an American chain restaurant and games centre that’s popular with children at 6339 200th Street.
  • Extreme Air Park – an indoor trampoline facility at 9499 198th Street.
  • Fort Langley – a historical site and former Hudson’s Bay Company fort.
  • Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience – an outdoor water park in Aldergrove with a lazy river and water slides.
  • Zero Latency – a virtual reality game centre where you can play VR games like Far Cry, Outbreak, Undead and other cool fighting games (plus another one that’s cooperative and doesn’t involve guns). There is a location at Willowbrook Mall in Lanlgey, plus another one in the City of Vancouver.


Other Places of Interest


Langley Events Centre
Langley Events Centre


Langley Wineries

In addition to the above places of interest, Langley is also home to a number of great wineries such as:

In addition to wineries, Langley is also home to other types of distilleries and breweries, including the following:

  • Festina Lente – Langley’s newest winery specializing in mead (i.e. honey wines) at 21113 16th Avenue.
  • Fraser Valley Cider Company – a place specializing in traditional cider made in small batches using local BC apples at 22128 16th Avenue.
  • Roots and Wings Distillery – Langley’s first craft distillery using crops grown on the farm  itself at 7897 240th Street.
  • Trading Post Brewing – a popular craft beer brewery at #107 – 20120 64th Avenue.
  • Dead Frog Brewery – another popular local craft beer brewery at #105, 8860 201st Street.

For a list of additional attractions and places of interest, check out our article about the community of Fort Langley.

For more information about the above wineries and other vineyards, see our article about Lower Mainland Wineries & Wine tours.


Fort Langley Train Station Museum
CN Train Station in Fort Langley


About the City and Township

What is the difference between the City and Township of Langley? Primarily just physical size, population, geographic location, local politicians and suppliers of municipal services.

The City of Langley is a small municipality located between the Surrey neighbourhood of Cloverdale and the Township of Langley. The City of Langley, although a “city,” is small in both size and population.

Located in the southeast corner of Metro Vancouver, the Township of Langley is a large municipality that runs from the Fraser River to the American border. To its west are Surrey (mostly) and the City of Langley. To its east is Abbotsford.

The City of Langley has a population of slightly more than 25,000 while the Township of Langley has close to 120,000. The former is more urban and the latter more rural. Collectively, both are just referred to as Langley.

The City is roughly the four square-mile area between 196th Street and 209th Street (to the west and east), and between 62nd Avenue and 44th Avenue (to the north and south). The Township of Langley, meanwhile, is pretty much everything else east of Surrey and west of Abbotsford.


Fort Langley Tours



If you want to explore the Village of Fort Langley and learn about its history, a great way to do that is with Fort Langley Tours. The organizers offer great guided walking tours around the area.


Local First Nations

In addition to there being the City of Langley and the Township of Langley, it’s important to recognize that the region is also the traditional and unceded territory of the Katzie and Kwantlen (Qw’?ntl’en) Sto:lo First Nations. Over 3.5% of the population in the area identify themselves as Indigenous (including of Métis heritage).


Other Information

For more information about Langley and the surrounding area check out the following: