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Uptown Live Music Festival Street Party

Uptown Live Music Festival

Uptown Live is a free Indie music festival in New Westminster on a Saturday in July. It’s an “ultimate street party” and highly recommended!

Unfortunately, the 2021 Uptown Live festival was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The next Uptown Live festival is scheduled to take place on July 16th in 2022. The full lineup for this year’s festival comes out on June 1st! It’s going to be an amazing event!

For the most up-to-date details about the event visit Uptown Live’s official website at uptownlive.ca.


In this article you’ll find the following information about Uptown Live:

When and Where | What to Expect at Uptown Live | Concert Lineup and Schedule | Tips and Advice | Other Information


Uptown Live in New Westminster


New Westminster’s Uptown Live

The Uptown Live Street Party is an annual one-day event that features live music, a beer garden, food trucks, artisan vendors and interactive activities. There are four performance stages on site where artists entertain.


When and Where

In 2020 Uptown Live was going to take place on Saturday, July 18, from noon until 9 pm. Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, however, it won’t be taking place until July of 2022 (as the 2021 event was also cancelled).

In 2022 the event happens on Saturday, July 16th The same as in previous years, the party runs from 12 pm until 9pm. The event takes place rain or shine in the heart of the Uptown district of New Westminster in and around the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Sixth Street.


For the most up-to-date details about the event, check out the Uptown Live website.


Uptown Live Music Festival Band


What to Expect at Uptown Live

At Uptown Live, expect to hear lots of great live music, enjoy tasty food truck treats, and see thousands of people having a fantastic time.

The event is held in the heart of New Westminster and it extends over 6 full blocks, primarily along Sixth Street and Sixth Avenue in the Uptown part of the city. As many as 30,000 people attend each year.

At Uptown Live there are usually four stages for live music – two along Sixth Street, one at Sixth Avenue and Seventh Street, and an acoustic stage in the plaza at the entrance to London Drugs on Sixth Street.

Performing at the event each year are various up-and-coming BC-based Indie bands. Throughout the area there are artisan vendors, sponsor booths, kids’ activities and interactive exhibits.

The beer garden is usually located on Sixth Street between Sixth Avenue and Princess Street. More than 20 food trucks are located on site serving up yummy food selections.


Uptown Live Main Stage
Uptown Live in New Westminster


Uptown Concert Lineup and Schedule

Below is the live music schedule for the festival in 2019 so you can get an idea of what to expect in 2022. (Note: Times and performer details are subject to change.)


On the Main Stage (in 2019)


Uptown Live Musicians


On the Douglas College Main Stage (in 2019)


On the Key West Ford Main Stage (in 2019)


On the London Drugs Plaza Stage (in 2019)


For the most up-to-date details about the event, check out the Uptown Live website.


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and information to help you make the most out of your experience at the Uptown Live event.

TIP #1: There is usually free all-day parking during the event at both the Royal City Centre (at 610 Sixth Street with the parkade entrance on Seventh Street) and Westminster Centre (at 555 Sixth Street with access southbound on Fifth Street). There is also metered street parking throughout the area. (Note: 2022 details are to be confirmed.)

TIP #2: Street closures begin at around 7:00 am on Sixth Street, Sixth Avenue, Belmont Street and Princess Street. Take public transit if you can.

TIP #3: If you like live music and urban street festivals, go to Uptown Live! It’s a great event, and it’s free!


Uptown Live Street Festival Crowds
Uptown Live Music Fans


Other Information

For further details about the event, check out the Uptown Live website.

To learn more about the city where the event takes place, click New Westminster.

For ideas on other things to do in the Lower Mainland at different times of the year, visit Vancouver’s Best Places’ Festivals & Events Calendar.

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