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West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

Located in West Vancouver on the North Shore, Lighthouse Park is a beautiful park with nature, ocean, trails through forests and views of Vancouver.

The park is a best place for exploring the West Coast shoreline and for photography with its views of the ocean and Vancouver in the distance.


In an effort to limit the number of people visiting Lighthouse Park, and to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the venue’s parking lot was closed for a number of weeks. The District of West Vancouver had implemented similar measures at both Whyte Lake Park and Whytecliff Park as well. As of mid-May, however, the parking lot at Lighthouse Park has reopened.

To learn more about what the North Shore municipality is doing in response to the virus outbreak, see the District of West Vancouver website.

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Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park is a hidden gem located in a rural part of West Vancouver on the North Shore about a 15-minute drive from Horseshoe Bay. A bit off the beaten track (so best accessed by car), the walk down to the waterfront from the parking lot at Lighthouse Park isn’t too demanding, although not recommended for anyone with mobility challenges or high heels. Expect the hike down to take about 10 minutes, and back up closer to 15.

At Lighthouse Park there are giant old-growth trees, a rugged shoreline with cliffs, and the historic yet still functioning Point Atkinson Lighthouse, a National Historic Site. Built originally in 1875 and then rebuilt in 1912, you can’t go inside the lighthouse, but you can get close enough for photos.

Dogs are allowed at Lighthouse Park, including off leash in areas, so long as they remain on the trails and don’t go off into the woods. Smoking, barbecues and cooking of any kind, however, are not permitted.

Lighthouse Park is one of Metro Vancouver’s best places for photography.

Lighthouse Park
Vancouver view from Lighthouse Park

Tips and Advice

Below are some tips to help you make the most out your visit to Lighthouse Park.

TIP #1: This can be a popular spot on sunny days in the summer, so parking can sometimes be a challenge. There are slightly more than 100 parking spots, but they can fill up. Arrive early if it’s a weekend on a particularly hot sunny day between late May and early September (although the odds are you’ll still find parking eventually, if you are patient).

TIP #2: Take good walking shoes – this isn’t a place to take high heels or flip flops (although many people might still wear the latter).

TIP #3: It’s a good place for children to climb the rocks, but keep a close eye on very little people as some rock sections are steep and can be slippery. In some areas you definitely don’t want young children running around without close supervision.

TIP #4: Lighthouse Park isn’t a good park for people with mobility issues. The path down from the parking lot goes downhill, but is easy to walk along. The bit at the end, leading down to the beach, however, is rocky. It’s not too challenging, but definitely not something you can take a stroller or wheelchair down. In other parts of the park, there are lots of rocks to climb and cliffs to admire the views from. There is some pretty rough terrain!

TIP #5: In warmer months, the area at the water east of the lighthouse is in the shade in the evening. The sun goes behind the hill and the trees, so by 7 o’clock the sun is gone. On the cliffs and by the water on the west side of the lighthouse, however, it’s in the sun until later in the evening.

TIP #6: Lock your vehicle and don’t leave valuables in your car, especially where they are visible. As you’ll see from signage in the parking lot, there are occasionally problems with break-ins. It’s a safe neighbourhood, but a very affluent one (which might be why it can be a popular spot for thieves). It’s very unlikely you’ll have a problem. Just don’t leave your Rolex where everyone can see it!

Sunsets from Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park can be a great place to see the sunset, especially from early fall until late spring. It’s a trek back up to the parking lot though, so don’t stay too late or you might struggle finding your way back up through the trails. If you plan to stay until the sun goes down, take a flashlight. If you don’t it’ll be a challenge finding your way back out!

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Enjoying Lighthouse Park Views

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