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Squamish’s Rope Runner Aerial Adventure Park

Rope Runner in Squamish

Rope Runner is an outdoor adventure course in Squamish. At the attraction visitors get to explore a tower of interconnected ropes course-type elements.

A massive freestanding structure with dozens of obstacles, Rope Runner offers both family-friendly entertainment and physical exercise. It’s both fun and challenging. Depending on which elements you tackle, it’s also fairly physically demanding.

When we went in the summer of 2021 the youngest person in our group was 15. The oldest was about 50. We all had a great time and can’t wait to do it again! It was a blast!


WildPlay Element Park



If you like ropes courses and adventure parks, then also be sure to check out WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge. It’s amazing! They have ropes courses that go from tree to tree in the forest. They also have ziplines, an ax-throwing station and a “What’s To Fear Jump”! WildPlay is highly recommended. We loved it when we went!

To learn more about the venue in Maple Ridge, see our article about WildPlay Element Park.


Rope Runner in Squamish

The Rope Runner Park consists of a main adventure course structure that’s over 15 metres tall and 20 metres in diameter. It’s located at 38400 Loggers Lane in Squamish, just off the Sea to Sky Highway.

The attraction is appropriate and fun for people of most ages (although not little kids, the elderly or folks with zero physical strength). There are 50 different obstacles you can tackle while safely strapped into your harness. You can choose what you do and where you go.


The Rope Runner Structure


Admission and Hours of Operation

Rope Runner operates during the summer and early fall. In 2021 the park is open from Fridays to Sundays in June. In July and August it’s open every day except Tuesdays, and in September it’s open from Thursdays to Sundays. The last day of the season is October 11th, so on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend. During its final month the place only runs on Saturdays and Sundays.

No matter the day or month, when the park is open the first set of people take on the course at 10:00 am. The final run starts at 4:30 pm.

Admission for Rope Runner gives you two hours on the course. You must book a time in advance online to guarantee a spot. Below are the ticket prices as of June 2021 if you pay at the gate. Tickets purchased in advance online are about $5 cheaper.

  • Adults (ages 19+): $39.95
  • Youth (ages 10 to 18): $34.95
  • Children (ages 7 to 9): $29.95

You must be over four feet tall and weigh less than 265 pounds in order to participate. Closed-toed shoes are also required. The park can take up to 60 people at one time, so space can be limited on busy days.

For more information about tickets and to book your spot visit the Rope Runner Adventure Park website.


Learning the Ropes at Rope Runner


How Rope Runner Works

Participants wear full-body harnesses which are one-size-fits-all. Each harness has a couple of clips.

Rope Runner operates on a continuous belay system. As you move from station to station, you clip, unclip and re-clip yourself along the way. One of your clips is always attached. You can’t unclip one of your clips if the other one isn’t already securely in place. It’s a very secure and safe system.

Each session goes for 120 minutes. After the initial 10-minute or so set of instructions, you can climb as much as you like for the remainder of your 2 hours.


Rope Runner Venue in Squamish


What to Expect

Rope Runner is a tower of interconnected pillars and cables in an open area behind the Squamish Information Centre. There is a fairly large gravel parking lot and the Rope Runner structure is in the middle. From the structure you can see the forest, mountains, Tourist Information Centre and the parking lot below.

At the start of your Rope Runner experience, after submitting your signed waivers, you’re asked to empty your pockets of any loose items. Once you’re sure you don’t have anything that might drop on people below, you’re ready for the first step.

After checking in, an instructor shows you how to get into your harness and clip yourself onto the cables. It’s reassuring to learn that you’ll always be clipped onto something. After your first clip, the system is designed so you can’t totally unclip yourself by mistake. It’s a clever system!

After your initial instructions, you’re off! You slip yourself onto the cable at the start and make your way up the first flight of stairs.

There are four levels of elements at Rope Runner and you can go wherever you want. We recommend starting at the first level. There are easy, intermediate and challenging elements at each level. At the top, however, you’ll find more challenging elements than easy ones.


At the Top at Rope Runner


The Rope Runner Elements

There are dozens of things to climb and make yourself across on at Rope Runner. There are cables, a ladder and wobbly steps to walk across. You’ll also find a hanging kayak, a picnic table, a ski lift chair and a snowmobile to sit on up high in the air.

At Rope Runner there are elements that require upper body strength and ones that require balance. Some are easy enough that pretty much anyone can do. Others are quite challenging. When we went, with six people in our party including a couple of teenagers, there was only one element that nobody tried. Even the 50+ crowd did at least 90% of the structures.


Resting on the Rope Runner Boat


Rope Runner Tips

Below is some advice to help you make the most out of your trip to the adventure park.

TIP #1: Make sure to wear clothes you’re comfortable exercising in! If you wear piercings or jewelry you’ll have to take them off or cover them somehow before starting your fun. You also have to wear closed-toed shoes. This means no flip-flops or sandals. Also, people with long hair need to tie it back.

TIP #2: For obvious reasons, don’t wear a skirt if you plan to climb. Don’t wear really short shorts either. Whatever you wear, the harness will hike it up at least an inch!

TIP #3: Before going in you have to empty your pockets of all loose items. This includes keys and cell phones. There can’t be any risk of something falling on people below. The office will hold onto things like keys and cell phones for you if you want, or you can lock them in your vehicle. Even eyeglasses need to have straps.

TIP #4: Outside of massive storms and winds greater than around 60 kilometres an hour, Rope Runner operates regardless of the weather. If it’s raining don’t expect the park to close. In fact this could end up being a fun challenge (assuming you bring the appropriate clothes).

TIP #5: The Rope Runner structure is out in the open. There isn’t any shade up among the ropes course elements. As a result, it can get hot with all the physical exertion, especially on hot sunny days. Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen when needed. Also, if you can, go on a cooler day instead of a really hot one.


Rope Runner Adventure Park in Squamish


TIP #6: Rope Runner recommends that you arrive around 20 to 30 minutes before your start time. If you arrive really late they might try to book you in for later in the day. If there’s no space and you don’t provide any advance warning, however, then you might be out of luck (and no refunds!)

TIP #7: You have to be at least 124 centimetres or 49 inches tall to climb. Even if you are over 49 inches tall, however, you may have to stretch to reach the cables if you’re on the shorter side. There are ledges on the posts though which you can step on to help you reach things.

TIP #8: Those who don’t want to participate but want to watch others run the course can do so for free. There is a designated viewing section in the park. Watching from the parking lot around the area is free as well.

TIP #9: If you aren’t sure if you’ll like Rope Runner, or even be able to do it, if you sign up and find it’s not for you, if you give up within the first 15 minutes there’s a good chance they’ll give you a refund.

TIP #10: If you live in the area, consider getting a season’s pass. The cost is very reasonable. Getting a membership at Rope Runner can be like getting a membership to a fitness gym, but more fun!

TIP #11: Rope Runner is right beside Rose Park which is a nice place for a picnic either before or after your climb. The Rose Park Trail is also a nice route to walk or cycle along.


WildPlay Element Park


Other Information

For more information visit the Rope Runner Adventure Park website.

If you love ropes courses, a similar attraction is the WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge.

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