VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Autumn at VanDusen Garden

Owned by the City of Vancouver, VanDusen Botanical Garden is 22 hectares, or 55 acres, of beautiful botanical gardens with plants from around the world.

The Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens runs from December 1st, 2017, until January 7th, 2018. Don’t miss it!

Vancouver’s VanDusen Gardens

Located at 5251 Oak Street in Vancouver, VanDusen includes a large collection of gardens, so be prepared to do some walking and see lots of beautiful trees and plants.

At VanDusen Botanical Garden there are a few small lakes and ponds, a stone garden, a hedge maze, Japanese, Korean and Chinese garden areas, beautiful rhododendrons in the spring, large open lawns, and beautiful plants, flower gardens and trees of all kinds throughout the property.

Admission at VanDusen

The entrance price at VanDusen Garden is reasonable more than free Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park, but less than many other attractions. Adults cost between about $8 and $11, depending on the season, although a bit more for special events. If you like gardens, this one is definitely worth visiting.

Kidsworld LogoTIP: If you like deals, want to visit VanDusen Gardens for cheap and have elementary school-aged children, consider getting a membership with the Kidsworld Program. For around $50 or so children ages 4-13 can attend a variety of local attractions on specific dates at no additional cost! An accompanying adult is also free! It’s a great deal and VanDusen Gardens is a regular participant in the program.

When to Visit VanDusen

VanDusen Garden is worth visiting most times of the year, but especially in the late spring with its blossoms and flowers in bloom (including during the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s Sakura Days Japan Fair which is early in the season).

Other good times to visit include the summer, in the fall when the leaves are changing colour, and in December in the evenings during the Festival of Lights. In the late fall, winter and early spring when many of the trees are bare and flowers are scarce, it’s still okay, but not as special.

VanDusen Garden Christmas Lights
Festival of Lights at VanDusen Garden

Since 2016, the week leading up to Halloween is also a great time to visit as that’s when the place hosts its relatively new VanDusen Glow in the Garden event. During that time the venue is open in the evenings and features Halloween illuminations and displays of hand-carved jack-o-lanterns.

Another great time to see the gardens is during the May Long Weekend when the Vancouver All British Field Meet takes place and there are hundreds of classic British cars on site. The gardens are pretty at that time of year, and the cars are amazing.

Pond at VanDusen Garden

Other Information

For further information about the garden, see the VanDusen Gardens Official Website.

For a map of the gardens, click VanDusen Map.

For similar places to visit, see Vancouver’s Best Parks and Places in Nature which includes free places like Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park, but also comparable places to VanDusen that charge admission like the UBC Botanical Garden.

Fountain Pond at VanDusen Garden
VanDusen Garden Fountain in Livingston Lake