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Vancouver’s PNE at Halloween in 2021

Playland Hallowed Eves

The PNE hosts some of Vancouver’s most popular events. Most years at Halloween there is Fright Nights. In 2021 there is Playland Hallowed Eves.

Last year instead of Fright Nights there was Slayland. In 2021 the Pacific National Exhibition has a new Halloween-themed event. Because of the pandemic there are no haunted houses. There are, however, rides, live entertainment and lots of Halloween fun! it promises to be a fabulous event!


Halloween Events at the PNE

Below is information about the Playland Hallowed Eves event at the PNE in 2021. There is also information about what has happened at the Pacific National Exhibition in October in past years (some of which will likely happen again in the future too).


For tickets and more information click Playland Hallowed Eves for the PNE’s website.


Halloween at the PNE
Halloween Monsters at Playland


Playland Hallowed Eves in 2021

This year’s Halloween event at the PNE is Playland Hallowed Eves. It features circus-like entertainment, like fire breathers, sideshow stunts and contortionists. There are also spooky characters and monsters walking around, and lots of rides to enjoy.


When Is Playland Hallowed Eves

The event runs on select dates between October 8th and the 31st. It’s open on the weekends of October 8th to 10th, 15th to 17th, 22nd to 24th and 29th to 31st. It’s also open on the Thursdays of October 21st and 28th and the Wednesday of October 27th.

The gates are open at the event between 6:00 and 11:00 pm on Sundays and from 6:00 pm until midnight every other day.


Ticket Prices and Admission

Tickets cost $39.50 on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of October 8th, 9th and 10th. For every day after the first weekend tickets cost $44.50. Tickets cost the same regardless of your age.

Note: Tickets must be purchased in advance. Also, to get in, you have to provide proof of being vaccinated. Up until October 23rd you need to have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. After October 24th you have to provide proof of being fully vaccinated.


For tickets and more information click Playland Hallowed Eves for the PNE’s website.


What Rides Are Operating?

Close to twenty rides are operating at the PNE in October of 2021. Unfortunately, the Wooden Roller Coaster is closed for the season. Other rides might not all be running all the time every single day. Rides that you can enjoy most of the time, however, include extreme rides like AtmosFear, The Beast and Hellevator.

Other rides that thrill seekers will enjoy include Breakdance, Enterprise, Sea-to-Sky Swinger and Gladiator. Revelation is also operating, although for that one there is an additional charge.

Less extreme rides include the Kettle Creek Mine Coaster and Pirate Ship. There is also the Music Express and Rock’n’Cars. Little kids and more timid folk will also enjoy things like the Balloon Explorers, Bug Whirled, Dizzy Drop, Flutterbye, the Merry-Go-Round, Tea Cups and West Coast Wheel.


Free Entertainment

In addition to the spooky decorations and characters walking around the event, Playland’s Hallowed Eves also features free performances by the following entertainers:

  • Burns the Dragon & The Caravan of Curiosities – Sideshow stunts with a fire-themed finale that includes fire breathing, swords, juggling and more.
  • Kasha Konaka – a circus artist from Vancouver who specializes in contortion puts her skills on display.
  • Dr. Yukalator – the talented juggler shows off with a variety of different props.
  • Neil E. Dee – an extreme stunt performer pushes the limits of the human body with sword swallowing and other dangerous acts on select nights.
  • Bella Bizarre – a performance artist walks on glass, stilts and more in an entertaining and suspenseful show.


PNE Ferris Wheel at Night
The PNE at Night


Halloween Last Year

Last year the PNE didn’t run its usual Fright Nights event because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they ran a brand-new event called Slayland. The new event didn’t feature haunted houses, like Fright Nights always does. It did, however, involve characters in costume and amusement rides.

Slayland ran on the weekends of October 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 and 30-31 last year. It was also open on the last two Thursdays of the month. Tickets cost around $40.

In addition to Slayland, the PNE hosted a second Halloween event last year too. “A Taste of the PNE Tricks & Treats Edition” was a drive-thru event. Attendees got to drive around the PNE fairgrounds in their cars and enjoy spooky sights and live entertainment. It happened on the Friday and Saturday of October 30 and 31.

To learn more about the event last year see our article about Slayland or visit the official Slayland Website.


For tickets and more information click Playland Hallowed Eves for the PNE’s website.


Halloween in Years Pre-COVID

Most years the PNE hosts Fright Nights which is a world-famous attraction featuring amusement rides and haunted houses. It’s an amazing event!

Fright Nights has been happening since 2003. It has taken place every year since then, except for in 2020 and now again in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fright Nights features eight or so first-rate haunted houses. There is also live entertainment, plus lots of amusement rides.

In 2019 Fright Nights happened on October 4-6, 11-13, 16-20, and 23-31.

Tickets for Fright Nights at the gate in 2019 ranged between about $27 and $47 for general admission depending on the date. Admission included access to about twenty amusement rides, the haunted houses and live entertainment with the Monsters of Schlock.

To learn more see our articles about Fright Nights, PNE Halloween Tips & History, and Fright Nights Haunted Houses Reviews.


Other Information

For more information about what’s happening at the Pacific National Exhibition see the official PNE Website.

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