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Vancouver Pitch and Putt Golf Courses

Murdo Fraser Pitch and Putt Golf

Metro Vancouver is home to many pitch and putt golf courses. They make for great family fun as well as good short game practice for seasoned golfers.


Pitch and Putt Golf in the Lower Mainland

Pitch and putt golf courses are fantastic for golfers of all skill levels. Every hole is a par 3, and the number of yards to each hole is significantly shorter than what a par 3 on a full-sized course entails. In fact, most pitch and putt players only need to carry 2 or 3 clubs.

These courses are hotspots for family fun, and make for a relaxing time in nature. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of the game and play a round without embarrassing themselves. More experienced golfers play pitch and putt to refine their own short game, or to introduce family and friends to the sport.

Pitch and putt prices are affordable, and club rentals are also available at most courses in Metro Vancouver.


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Lower Mainland Pitch & Putt Golf Locations

Below are some good pitch and putt golf courses in the Vancouver region. The list is in alphabetical order.


Ambleside Par 3


Birdies and Buckets Pitch & Putt

  • 5228 King George Boulevard in Surrey.
  • 9 holes | Average hole length: 64 yards.
  • This is a slightly smaller course than average and a bit more expensive than some of the others. It does have a full-sized driving range though which is nice.
  • Check out the Birdies and Buckets website for additional information.


Central Park Pitch & Putt


Kensington Pitch & Putt


Murdo Frazer Pitch & Putt


Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch & Putt


Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch and Putt
Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch and Putt


Rupert Park Pitch & Putt

  • 3402 Charles Street in Vancouver.
  • 18 holes | Average hole length: 69 yards.
  • For more details, see the Rupert Park Pitch and Putt website.


Stanley Park Pitch & Putt

  • 2099 Beach Avenue in Vancouver.
  • 18 holes | Average hole length: 67 yards.
  • This course is located at world-famous Stanley Park.
  • Check out the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt website for more information.


West Richmond Pitch & Putt


Other Information

For a list of the best full-sized golfing venues in the Lower Mainland click Vancouver’s Best Golf Courses. For tips on when and how to book tee times at courses throughout the region, see the Lower Mainland Golf Tee Time Guide.

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