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Vancouver Entertainment Coupon App

Vancouver Entertainment Coupon Book App

The Entertainment Coupon Book App is an application that can be downloaded onto a cell phone and comes with hundreds of coupons to use in Vancouver.

The app gives access to membership coupons that can be used throughout the Lower Mainland, but also in cities across North America. It’s a fabulous deal and a great way to save!



For a limited time, as of late November 2020, the 2021 edition of the Entertainment Book is on sale for just $25 (American dollars) when purchased online. This is a fabulous deal, especially as it includes a subscription to the coupon book’s app!

During the company’s Black Friday sale, if you use the promo code “Friday” you’ll save 50% when purchasing the book online.

To purchase a book click shop.entertainment.com. This is a limited time offer, so the deal can end at any time.


Entertainment Coupon Book App

Most people know about Entertainment Coupon Books which feature hundreds of 2-for-1 discounted deals at a wide range of Vancouver-area businesses including restaurants and attractions. Not so many people, however, know that the deals are also available from your phone at all times (which is much easier than carrying around a bunch of paper coupons). This is thanks to the Entertainment Coupons App.

The app can be downloaded onto any smartphone and used with cellular data or Wi-Fi. It tracks your location and sends notifications when there are available coupons near you when you’re out and about. The app comes free with the purchase of a hard copy of the coupon book, or it can be purchased separately.


How Much Does the App Cost?

The app comes free with the coupon book, so if you already have a book or plan to buy one it doesn’t cost anything extra to use the deals on the app. If you want to buy the app separately though, you can do that for just $2.99 US a month, or $20.00 US per year. And if you just want to try it out, you can use the app for your first month for free!


2021 Entertainment Coupon Book


Similarities Between the Coupon Book and the App

There are many similarities between the book and the app. They both provide amazing deals, and many of the coupons in the book are also available on the app and vice versa.

In both cases, each coupon can only be used once. If you have a paper coupon, the establishment that you use it at keeps it. If you have the app and use one of its coupons, that particular deal is no longer available for future use.


To get an Entertainment Book, either purchase a copy from your favourite charity in late summer or the fall, or buy one online at shop.entertainment.com. To learn more, including information about the app, see the entertainment.com website.


Differences Between the Book and the App

The book is obviously paper and you need to plan where you are going ahead of time so you remember the specific coupons you’ll want. Or you can simply carry the book everywhere you go. The app, on the other hand, lets you be more spontaneous as it tracks your location and gives you access to special deals for specific stores near you.

The app also has a “savings tracker” where it keeps track of the amount of money you save through the coupons. It’s possible to manually keep track of the amount you save using the paper coupons, but it is more work than the app automatically doing it for you. The savings add up quickly!

Although the book has many coupons for hundreds of places around Vancouver, the app has even more over the course of the year. The app’s coupons change from time to time and, in many cases, coupons for a retail chain are available to be used at more than one location. App coupons can also be used at thousands of places across North America, so not just in the Lower Mainland.

As an example, in the book you might get one coupon for a buy-1-get-1-free Orange Julius smoothie at all participating stores. After you use this coupon though, the clerk keeps it and you cannot use it again.

On the app, meanwhile, there might be a buy-1-get-1-free Orange Julius smoothie coupon available at multiple participating locations. If you use a coupon at one shop then it has been spent there, but you are often able to use a different coupon the next time, as long as you go to a different location. (Note: This is just an example. Actual coupons, participating venues and conditions may vary.)


Other Information

For more information and to purchase a membership click Entertainment Coupons App.

To read more about the book click Entertainment Book.

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