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Vancouver Choirs and Music

Vancouver Bach Choir

Metro Vancouver is home to a number of exceptional choirs and musical groups including Chor Leoni, the Vancouver Bach Choir and Vancouver Chamber Choir.

There are also many other fine choral groups, like the Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir, plus organizations like the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.



Choirs and other performing arts groups from around the world have been devastated by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Unable to sell tickets, perform in public or even practice as a group in-person, musical organizations are struggling. Vancouver-based choirs are no exception. As of the spring of 2021, even church choirs still aren’t performing!

To learn how the pandemic is impacting all kinds of organizations around the Lower Mainland, click Vancouver, COVID-19, Event Cancellations and Venue Closures.


Vancouver Music Organizations

Top professional choirs, choral ensembles and other musical performing groups in Vancouver include the following:

Some of the Lower Mainland’s exceptional and highly recommended amateur choirs include the following:


Universal Gospel Choir
The Universal Gospel Choir


Special Performances

For a list of upcoming performances, see individual choir websites or check out Vancouver’s Shows & Entertainment Calendar.

Other events and special performances you might be interested in include the following:

Many festive winter season concerts take place throughout the Lower Mainland in December each year as well. Click Vancouver Christmas Concerts for more details.




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