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Langley’s Brinkworth Dungeon Haunted House Halloween Attraction

Brinkworth Dungeon

One of several Metro Vancouver haunted attractions around Halloween in October, Brinkworth Dungeon is an exceptional haunted house in Langley.

It’s one of our favourite haunted houses in the Lower Mainland. It’s amazing, and most of what you’ll see is handmade by a professional artist.

In 2023 Brinkworth Dungeon runs from October 4th to November 5th. If you like haunted houses, be sure to check this one out!


For the attraction’s official website, click Brinkworth Dungeon.


Mad Scientist at Brinkworth Dungeon


Langley’s Brinkworth Dungeon Haunted House at Halloween in 2023

Brinkworth Dungeon is a haunted house that’s located at 22260 48th Avenue in the Murrayville area of Langley. It operates for the majority of October each year. Most of what you’ll see at the attraction has been made by hand!

Whereas some Lower Mainland haunted houses are commercial ventures, and run as businesses, and others are simply labours of love at people’s homes, Brinkworth Dungeon is a combination of the two.

This scary place is at a family’s home. Unlike most other residential Halloween attractions, however, it does charge a set price for admission. That being said, the venue doesn’t really make much money – admission simply helps offset the considerable costs.

Another thing that makes Brinkworth Dungeon unique is the fact that most of its contents are custom made. That includes the wax-museum-quality, hand-sculpted Elvira, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll, Chucky, the Mummy and other famous characters you’ll likely see inside.


Click Brinkworth Dungeon for the attraction’s official website.


Halloween Stage Coach at Brinkworth Dungeon
Brinkworth Dungeon Stage Coach in 2020


Dates and Hours of Operation

Brinkworth Dungeon operates in 2023 from Wednesday, October 4th, until Sunday, November 5th.

The place is open to the public as “Creepy Tours” between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s also open as “Monsters Come to Life” from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

During the “Creepy Tours” times there are usually less characters in costume, if any. It’s a good time to go if you’re on the more timid side. If you really want to get freaked out, however, going on a Friday or Saturday for the “Monsters Come to Life” nights is probably best. Tours on those days typically include about half a dozen actors dressed up as Hollywood horror movie monsters.


Where is Brinkworth Dungeon?

Brinkworth Dungeon’s address is 22260 48th Avenue in Langley. It’s just south of the Fraser Highway and a three-minute drive from the Langley Regional Airport. The house is right on the main road across the street from a strip mall-style shopping complex with an IGA and Dollarama.


Brinkworth Dungeon


Brinkworth Dungeon Admission Rates

Unlike most other haunted houses at people’s homes – which are usually free, sometimes collect donations for charity, and are typically nowhere near as professional – there is a set admission price for Brinkworth Dungeon. It’s definitely worth paying for! Revenues received help the creators cover their costs.

In 2023 admission to the Langley haunted house costs $18 to $20 for adults and older youth, and $8 to $10 for children ages 6 to 12. Kids ages 5 and under enter for free. It’s well worth the price and less expensive than comparable commercial venues where you have to stand in line for ages.

In addition to the admission charge, visitors are asked to bring a non-perishable food item as a donation to the local food bank. The recipient charity is the Salvation Army’s Gateway of Hope. A couple of years ago, over the course of Brinkworth Dungeon’s Halloween season, they collected 3,000 pounds of food!


Brinkworth Dungeon Horror Scene
A Brinkworth Scene from the Exorcist


What’s New at Brinkworth?

In 2022 Brinkworth Dungeon had a new outdoor Pirates of the Caribbean section at the back of the attraction.

Details about new elements at Brinkworth Dungeon for the 2023 season are to be confirmed.


Jack Sparrow at Brinkworth Dungeon


For the attraction’s official website, click Brinkworth Dungeon.


What to Expect at Brinkworth Dungeon

At Brinkworth Dungeon you can expect to see a professional-quality haunted house that’s been put together meticulously and with lots of talent and passion by the Brinkworth family and their friends by hand.

Walking through the place is like wandering through a real haunted dungeon, a Hollywood horror movie set and a wax museum of monster exhibits all at the same time. It’s like a Disneyland attraction at someone’s home, but the kind that someone like Stephen King might make!

Brinkworth Dungeon is dark inside (and very dark in places). It’s full of passageways, winding corridors and even an underground-Egyptian-themed kind-of tunnel. It’s all inside, although ever so briefly you do find yourself outdoors, six-feet under, at the bottom of a grave! There is a torture chamber, scenes from various horror movies and creatures behind bars, among other spooky things to see.

There are no store-bought blow-up Snoopy or Bart Simpson characters here at this Halloween attraction. The Dr. Jekyll, Frankenstein, Mummy and other creatures are sculpted by hand! Only a very few of the props are commercially-purchased. It’s all a work of art (but a wonderfully ghastly one)!

The focus of the attraction is on the props. There are live actors sometimes, especially on weekends, but usually between only one and four. When the attraction has them, the actors add to the experience, but are also slightly more subtle than at other places. They don’t simply jump out and go “boo!” as they don’t want to distract you from admiring the various scenes.


Frankenstein at Brinkworth Dungeon
Hand-Sculpted Frankenstein


Brinkworth Dungeon Videos

To give you an idea of what to expect, below are a couple of videos of scenes at Brinkworth Dungeon. The first is from 2020 and it shows what the place looks like without live actors. The second video shows what the places looked like in 2021 with live actors (so on Friday and Saturday nights).


Brinkworth Dungeon Without Actors Video

This first video shows some of the horror movie scenes you’ll see at the haunted house. A signature feature of the attraction is Elvira in her living room. There are also scenes from the Exorcist, The Mummy, Hellraiser, Chamber of Horrors, and Ghost Bride. You’ll also see the Chucky doll, Frankenstein and other famous spooky characters. There is a lot to experience, and it changes slightly each year.

As you’ll see, the place is impressive! Also, don’t forget, that pretty much everything you see at both the attraction and in the video is made by hand!



Brinkworth Dungeon With Live Actors Video

Brinkworth Dungeon is even more impressive when they have live actors. When we went in 2021 they had Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers and other Hollywood horror movie villains wandering around the house and lurking around corners.

As you’ll see in this video, the live actor monsters are terrifying! They don’t simply jump out and go “boo.” In some cases they are very subtle. In other cases they’ll walk right up to you. They don’t say much, if anything at all. They are, however, really freaky and very well done.

When we went in 2021 a group of four people said we could film them as they went through the house. That’s who you’ll see screaming in this video. A couple of them are from the local band Crack Horror. A couple of them were also truly terrified!



Tips and Advice

Below is some extra information to help you make the most of your visit.

TIP #1: Brinkworth Dungeon is one of the Lower Mainland’s least known and under-visited haunted houses. Its quality is very high, however, so there really should be far more visitors. Unlike some other places, you don’t normally have to wait long to get in, which is awesome.

TIP #2: As you make your way through Brinkworth Dungeon be sure to admire the detail and artistic work of all the displays. The creatures are all models made by hand here in the Lower Mainland. It’s a Halloween haunted house, but one that features real works of art.

TIP #3: Unlike most haunted houses at people’s homes, there is an admission fee at this place. It’s a reasonable price though – enough to help offset their expenses but not really to make a profit. The Brinkworths also have a no-charge policy for special needs children’s groups wanting to visit.

TIP #4: There is a fair bit of parking in the area including on 48th Avenue starting right outside the house. There is also mall parking across the street.

TIP #5: The venue is “sort of” wheelchair accessible. There is, however, one section with very shallow wide steps. It is possible to maneuver a hand-driven-type wheelchair down it, with assistance. Motorized wheelchairs, however, won’t work.

TIP #6: Is Brinkworth Dungeon suitable for all ages? If you ask the creators, they’ll say “Yes, with the exception of anyone freaked out by the Mall Santa.” It’s not as hard-core or gory as some places, but in our opinion, it’s still very scary. See the above videos for proof! If you like serious haunted houses though, you’ll love this one!


Actors at Brinkworth Dungeon
The Monsters Come to Life Actors


Other Information

To learn more about Langley’s most amazing haunted attraction, see the Brinkworth Dungeon website.

For a list of other similar places, click Lower Mainland Haunted Houses.

For ideas on other things to do in the area check out Langley, Surrey or the Fraser Valley.

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