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North Vancouver’s Haunt of Edgemont Halloween Haunted House

Haunted Edgemont Scarecrow

The Haunt of Edgemont is a spectacular Halloween haunted house at a residential home in the Edgemont Village neighbourhood of North Vancouver in October.

It is one of the best family-created haunted houses in the entire Lower Mainland.



The attraction didn’t happen in 2020, at least not in its usual full-scale amazing format. In 2021 the haunted house was open in full beginning on October 15th. It ran every night from then until Halloween.

Unfortunately, the Haunt of Edgemont has been cancelled for 2022 because of a family illness. The haunted house will likely return in 2023.


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Reapers Maze of Terror


The Haunt of Edgemont

In years when there isn’t a global pandemic, the Haunt of Edgemont is a free, non-commercial haunted house that’s absolutely amazing. For something created by a family with no movie industry background, we rate it a 10 out of 10!

The theme for 2021 was “It’s Only Make-Believe”. The venue took some classic children’s stories and put creepy twists on them. The haunted house ran from October 15th to 31st from 6:30 until 9:30 pm on weekdays and from noon until 9:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

In 2020 the Haunt of Edgemont had a “True North Terror” theme. It showcased spooky Canadian stories and myths.


Haunt of Edgemont Halloween Carnival Clown


What to Expect

Typical scenes at the house are the cemetery on the lawn by the street and the scary-looking scarecrow at the front. There is also a small greenhouse shed you have to walk through and a maze of scary elements in the basement.

In past years at the house there has been a psycho clown and wolf-like monster by the front door, a spider infested greenhouse, and a frighteningly realistic torture-chamber-like shed. There have also been skeletons, giant spiders, severed heads, horror-movie-like scenes, the sounds of mice and attention to detail everywhere. There have also been alien monsters, rooms full of evil clowns and all kinds of frightening stuff!

The quality of the scenes at the Haunt of Edgemont is impressive. You won’t see the same everyday commercial and inflatable Halloween decorations you see on other people’s lawns at this place!


Halloween Clown Head


Location & Hours of Operation

Located at 3414 Emerald Drive in North Vancouver, the Haunt of Edgemont is in a normally quiet residential neighbourhood near the community of Edgemont Village.

In 2021, the attraction ran from mid-October until Halloween night every evening from 6:30 to 9:30 Monday to Friday and from 12:00 until 9:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Again, the opening night in 2021 was October 15th.


Fright Nights in 2022


Description and Details

Each year the Haunt of Edgemont changes slightly, but you typically begin your visit by walking through the archway at the side of the house. From there you pass hanging heads and a beaked-mummy-like creature as you make your way to the greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse in 2017 you found bodies wrapped in webbing and a giant spider. 2018 it contained Hollywood-quality monster aliens. In 2019 it again had spiders.

One of the highlights for us was next – the haunted scene in the shed – which was a new feature in 2017. Inside on the first year there was a guy strapped to a chair, a science experiment involving a severed head, and a Frankenstein-like creature hanging from a wall. The set was amazing! You felt like you really were in a mad scientist’s castle dungeon.

In 2018, instead of a torture chamber, the shed had a wonderful carnival theme. The clown scenes inside were fabulous. Just like at Fright Nights at the PNE (in years when it happens), some of the characters are static and some are mechanized.

In 2019 the shed had prison and torture chamber scenes and, as always, they were impressive.

After leaving the shed you head into the house’s basement. Yes, you really go right inside (unless of course you heed the sign that warns you not to go in the basement).

Inside in the past there has been a hallway and room full of frightening creatures and hands coming out of cracks in the walls. Most days you also find a live actor or two. Generally it’s pretty intense and wonderfully freaky!


Caged Halloween Monster Doctor


In 2018, in the basement at the Haunt of Edgemont, there was a mad doctor in a cage, scenes from a psycho ward and a wonderful collection of monsters. You had to watch out though – some of them were alive!

Also in 2018, one of our favourite rooms was the devilish chamber near the end. No wonder they say last year’s theme was a “Hell-o-Ween Horror Show”. In 2019 they had a white hallway full of sculls and other fun spooky stuff.

After exiting the basement and other main parts of the attraction, generally if you go up to the front door you can admire the monster of a wolf at the side, take a selfie with the evil-looking creatures at the top of the steps, and make your ‘no obligation’ donation to the BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund.


Haunt of Edgemont Videos

Below are a couple of videos of the Haunt of Edgemont from 2018.

The attraction’s creator, Trevor Watson, took us for a tour two days before opening night. The first video is of the front outside area of his home. Some of the sound effects you’ll hear are ones played inside the house. Other sounds are what you’ll hear outside too.

The exterior decorations are impressive, but what’s inside is even more so!



The second video starts at the side of the house, goes into the side garden and then towards a small greenhouse (where there were aliens inside, but that’s not shown in the video).

Other scenes include evil clowns in a carnival-themed room in a shed, and then a mad doctor’s insane asylum. At the end you see a passageway to hell, and then a tormented soul and a devil-like creature.

Of course seeing the attraction live is much more impressive, but the video will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Note: What’s not seen in the videos are the live actors! Add those in and you get a truly remarkable haunted attraction!



Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and useful information.

TIP #1: Give generously! It’s a great cause and your visit is easily worth at least $5 (but probably more)! If you can’t afford much or anything, however, you are still very welcome to visit.

TIP #2: Before you leave be sure to check out the creepy cemetery at the side of the house next to the street. It too is exceptional.

TIP #3: The Haunt of Edgemont is a hard core haunted house. It’s rated “R” for good reason. Don’t take young children or folk with nervous dispositions (unless you want them to never sleep again)!

Here are some other important things to know about the Haunt of Edgemont:

  • There is some flashing light in a couple of sections in the basement most years, but not a lot.
  • About half the attraction is outdoors and the other half is inside.
  • Even with a $5 donation, this is still one of the best value-for-money haunted houses in the Lower Mainland.
  • The Haunt of Edgemont typically features between 4 and 6 volunteer actors, especially on weekends and days close to Halloween, but fewer earlier in the season.
  • The Haunt of Edgemont has raised as much as $3600 for the BC Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund per season in past years.
  • The attraction has been running at a serious level for about 10 years after starting in 2006 – it’s first and only non-large scale year – when it had just a simple rubber zombie mask and homemade tombstone. Wow, has it ever developed since then!
  • Except for on Halloween night and the weekend before, there is usually very little in the way of lineups at the attraction. It’s highly underrated and surprising that there aren’t huge crowds. We think there should be busloads of people visiting the place (although neighbours are no doubt happy that there aren’t).
  • Word is getting out about the Haunt of Edgemont. Just because there haven’t been crowds and large lineups on most days in previous years doesn’t guarantee there won’t be this year. So go early in the season, and on a weekend, if you can.


Halloween Haunted Houses


North Van Haunted Houses

For some reason, in recent years, North Vancouver has had the largest concentration of top-rate family-run haunted houses based out of people’s homes and gardens in all of Metro Vancouver.

There are spectacularly decorated homes throughout the Lower Mainland, but on the North Shore, there are three haunted houses that rival even the best commercially-run Halloween attractions.

Two other amazing home-based North Shore houses to check out at Halloween are the following:

  • Belmont Haunted House – at 1006 Belmont Avenue. In previous years it was impressive and open daily between 2:00 and 9:00 pm by donation benefiting Ronald McDonald House during the last week in October.
  • Dovercourt Crypt – at the corner of Dovercourt Road and Maginnis Avenue in Lynn Valley and open on the last few days of October. Admission is free, although donations are welcome. This place is also one of the best haunted houses in the Lower Mainland.

Again, the Haunt of Edgemont is one of the best “private home” haunted houses anywhere on the planet. Even Stephen King and Hollywood special-effects moguls would be impressed.


Haunt of Edgemont Psycho Clown


Other Information

To learn more about the Haunt of Edgemont check out its Facebook Page.

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