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Vancouver’s FlyOver Canada at Halloween in 2022

Flyover Canada at Halloween

Halloween at FlyOver Canada is a multi-dimensional theatre attraction with a witch and a Halloween theme at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver in October.

In 2022, the Halloween feature film is HowlOver Canada. The show opened on September 29th and it runs until October 31st.

After the Halloween season, the next special feature film is Hawaii From Above. It runs from November 3rd until December 16th. And from December 8th until January 3rd, there is Christmas at FlyOver Canada. All three of the above shows are really good and highly recommended!

TIP: During the month of October, on certain days children can see HowlOver Canada for free! The deal applies if you go on a regular Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (so not on Thanksgiving Monday or the day of Halloween). On these dates one child can get free admission per paying adult!


See the FlyOver Canada website for tickets and details about the attraction.


HowlOver Canada at FlyOver Canada


Howl Over Canada Halloween Film at FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada is a year-round tourist attraction located at 201-999 Canada Place. It’s not far from the Pan Pacific Hotel and Vancouver Convention Centre.

The tourist attraction features a short film on a giant screen where participants are buckled into a row of seats that flies around the various scenes. The film features smells, light breezes and refreshing mists along with beautiful scenery. It’s pretty cool!

In October each year FlyOver Canada adopts a Halloween theme. A couple of years ago the theatre was decorated with ghoulish characters, the introduction show featured dancing skeletons, and the film about Canada included a number of brief cameo appearances by the witch Broomelda flying on a broomstick.

FlyOver Canada had a new film for Halloween in 2020, named HowlOver Canada. The show featured the witch Biker Mama and her loyal cat Tiger Moon. After flying across the country from coast to coast to coast, the film ended with an amazing music festival. Biker Mama was back in 2021 and returns in 2022.


HowlOver Canada

Witches Brew from the Flying Whale Waterfront Café
Witches Brew from the Flying Whale Waterfront Café

In 2022, the Halloween film runs from September 29th until October 31st. HowlOver Canada shows all day every day with start times every 15 minutes. On weekdays there are shows between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. On weekends, holidays and on October 31st, the attraction closes one hour later.

FlyOver Canada at Halloween is a fantastic event that’s suitable for people of all ages. There are scary scenes in the pre-show event, and the theatre is decorated with Halloween characters. Nothing is gory or jumps out at you though, so it’s fun and entertaining even for timid folk.

At FlyOver Canada participants enjoy a pre-show production before heading to the film about Canada where they get strapped in for the ride. In all, the experience lasts for around 25 minutes.


To book your experience click FlyOver Canada.


The Halloween Pre-Show

During the regular season the pre-show typically features a talk and scenes about Canada. In October, however, the initial theatre area is creatively decorated and the commentary has a Halloween theme.

For the first half of the FlyOver Canada at Halloween experience the initial room is dark. In the show over the past couple of years there have been pieces of art on all the walls. In one painting there were skeletons dancing and in another a witch MC appeared, welcomed guests and provided some comical explanation about the upcoming experience. At one point a statue also came alive and sang a song.

The show was updated for 2020, so it wasn’t quite the same as in previous years. HowlOver Canada was similar to the Halloween film from the past, but also different, which was great for people who had watched it before.

The whole experience leading up to the actual film about Canada is “Disneyland-ish,” “Harry Potter-like” and very cleverly put together. Walt Disney and J.K. Rowling fans will especially love it.


HowlOver Canada


Heading to the Canada Film

After the initial welcome show, guests proceed to the main theatre’s waiting room. There they stand in line and watch a short Halloween-themed video about what to expect in the theatre-ride experience. This room is also usually decorated with Halloween-ish scenes and creepy (but not overly-scary) characters.


The Canada Film Experience

The final stage of the FlyOver Canada experience is the theatre-flight simulation and the film about Canada.

Guests proceed into the main theatre. Regardless of which film they are about to watch, guests are escorted to a row of seats where they buckle up, store belongings under their chairs and get ready for an amazing multi-dimensional ride. There are three floors of rows of seats, but you can generally only see the row you yourself are in.

The feature film during the FlyOver Canada at Halloween event is the regular FlyOver Canada movie where the audience is flown over Canada. The trip goes from the Maritimes, over Toronto, across the Prairies, to Vancouver, over Canada Place and up to the Arctic.

In previous years, this part of the experience was identical to the regular film experience, except that Broomelda the Witch appeared on the screen flying on her broom from time to time. In 2020 and 2021, Biker Mama the witch and her cat were on screen. It was a simple variation, but still a nice touch. Biker Mama returns in 2022.

The HowlOver Canada film itself lasts for roughly 8 minutes.


Halloween Activities for Kids


FlyOver Canada Admission

Admission prices for the Halloween attraction in September 2022 are listed below. Note: If you purchase your tickets online you save a few dollars. Prices vary depending on the day you go, so the following prices are subject to change.

  • Adults (ages 16 and above): $25 to $35
  • Children (up to age 15): $15 to $25

There is also a special deal for the HowlOver Canada film in October. On most Mondays to Thursdays (except for October 10th and 31st), one child ticket is free with each paying adult. The deal also includes a free cookie and a 50% discount off souvenir photos.

Participants can be of any age, but at least 40 inches (or 102 cm) tall. People in wheelchairs can also participate, but only if they are able to get out of their wheelchairs and into the ride’s seat-belted chair.


See the FlyOver Canada website for tickets and details about the attraction.


Tips & Advice

The following are tips to help you make the most out of your experience (and save money).

TIP #1: Buy your tickets online and you save some money.

TIP #2: The Vancouver attraction rates its Halloween “scariness factor” as suitable for the average person age 4 and older. The FlyOver Canada film itself isn’t at all scary (unless you don’t like heights or flying sensations).

TIP #3: Consider combining your visit to FlyOver Canada with a trip to other nearby places too. Historic Gastown is just a short walk away. Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre are also nice places to walk around, as is nearby Coal Harbour.


Other Information

For more information about the popular Vancouver tourist attraction, or to buy tickets, see the FlyOver Canada Website. You can also read our article about FlyOver Canada.

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