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Vancouver’s Big Pirate Run in Richmond

Big Pirate Run

The Big Pirate Run is part of Vancouver’s Big Fun Run Series. It has a variety of themed running event lengths for people of all ages and abilities in Richmond.

In 2023 the event happens on Sunday, September 24th, at Garry Point Park (which isn’t far from Steveston Village).

The same as the other runs in the series, the Big Pirate Run is a fun event, not a competitive one (although it might be between siblings and their parents).

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To register for the event and for the Big Fun Run Series’ website, visit bigfunrunseries.com.


(Note: There isn’t a giant pirate ship at the event, but there are occasionally real tall ships at the same venue. The above photo is of the Kaiwo Maru from Japan when it attended the Ships to Shore Festival at Gary Point Park in 2017.)


Big Pirate Run


The Big Pirate Run in Richmond

The Big Pirate Run is the fourth Big Fun Run Series to take place in 2023. It’s held on Sunday, September 24th this year. Other runs in the series are the Big Jungle Run and Big Easter Run in the spring, Big Superhero Run in August, and Big Elf Run in December.

As the name implies, the September run is pirate-themed! There are five different distance options at the event, from a 1-3 km kids’ course to a half marathon. Regardless of what distance you choose, the event is meant to be a casual and fun run. It’s not a competition (except maybe for with respect to costumes).

The route is stroller-accessible and dogs are also welcome to take part (but need to be on leashes). Costumes are encouraged and the event takes place regardless of the weather.


The Big Pirate Run


Location and Registration

The Big Pirate Run takes place in Garry Point Park in Richmond, located near Steveston Village at 12011 Seventh Avenue in the southwest corner of the city. The park is where other events sometimes take place including the Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival and Ships to Shore Festival (although the latter hasn’t happened since 2017).

The route for the run goes along the water. Those taking part in the longer runs pass the Richmond Olympic Oval and come within sight of Vancouver International Airport.

The pricing for each distance is less expensive the earlier you buy it. Below is the prices for each distance in 2023. (Note: Prices and other details are subject to change.)

  • 1-3 km Little Pirate Run – $18 early bird, up to $25
  • 5 km Big Pirate Run – $38 early bird, up to $50
  • 10 km Big Pirate Run – $38 early bird, up to $52.50
  • 15 km Big Pirate Run – $38 early bird, up to $55
  • 21.1 km Big Pirate Run – $42 early bird, up to $65

TIP: Use the promo code VBP10 when signing up and you’ll save 10%!

All entrants receive a pirate name bib which can be customized. They also get a random costume item. Everyone who finishes the run receives a souvenir as well. These packages can either be mailed to participants, picked up on September 22nd or collected on the day of the event.


For more information and to register for the Big Pirate Run, visit the Big Fun Run Series website.


The 2023 Event

The 2023 Big Pirate Run starts early in the morning. The 5, 10, 15 and 21.1 km events have staggered starts beginning at 9:00 am. The 1-3 km run starts at 10:00 am. The route for all the events is flat and on a mix of paved and gravel trails. The event welcomes pets as well as strollers.

The event is meant to be one with a fun atmosphere. There are various prize giveaways that take place and there are vendors of different kinds on site. Everyone is encouraged to wear their costume piece provided to them. Anyone who wants to dress up on their own before going to the run is welcome to as well.


Big Elf Run


The Big Fun Run Series

The Big Pirate Run is part of a series of family-friendly running events that have come to Metro Vancouver. First, the Big Jungle Run at Burnaby Lake Park in March is followed by the Big Easter Run at Jericho Beach in April. Following the Big Superhero Run in August is the Big Pirate Run in September. Lastly, there’s the Big Elf Run at Stanley Park in December.

The series of events jumps around Metro Vancouver and provides fun and family-friendly runs. All of them have at least a 1-3 km, 5 km and 10 km course, and sometimes a 15 km course too.

To learn more about the other runs, see our article about the Big Fun Run Series.


Other Information

For more information about the event see the Big Pirate Run webpage or visit the Big Fun Run Series website.

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