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Peteys Pumpkin Patch at Fantasy Farms in Chilliwack

Peteys Pumpkin Patch

Peteys Pumpkin Patch is an autumn and Halloween-themed attraction at Fantasy Farms in Chilliwack. It’s about a half-hour drive east of Abbotsford.

Fantasy Farms hosts some of the best Halloween activities not only in the Fraser Valley but in all of Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Both its pumpkin patch and Reapers Haunted Attraction are well-known throughout the region. They are worth the drive from Vancouver to see!

Last year, the pumpkin patch activities at Fantasy Farms ran from September 30th until October 31st. 2024 details are TBC as of June.

Visit peteyspumpkinpatch.ca for the autumn attraction’s official website. To learn about the farm and its events at other times of the year, see the Fantasy Farms website.


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Pumpkins and Halloween Activities at Fantasy Farms in the Fraser Valley

Fantasy Farms hosts two Halloween events in the fall each year. There is Peteys Pumpkin Patch which features pumpkins and child-friendly activities. It offers wholesome, old-fashioned fun and is popular with young families. For adults and older youth, there’s the Reapers Maze of Terror which is arguably one of the best haunted attractions in the Lower Mainland.

Fantasy Farms is an active farm that grows a variety of different vegetables including corn and pumpkins. In addition to its Halloween activities, it also hosts other events at different times of the year. It often has a Christmas event, and in the spring it’s home to Peteys Easter Eggstravaganza. In the summer, it also used to host the Chilliwack Garlic Festival.

To learn about the family-friendly Peteys Pumpkin Patch, continue reading or visit peteyspumpkinpatch.ca. To learn about the venue’s hard-core haunted Halloween attraction, see our article about the Reapers Maze of Terror or visit reapers.ca.


Pumpkin Field at Petey's
Pumpkin Field at Fantasy Farms


Peteys Pumpkin Patch

Petey is a pumpkin-headed mascot-like character at Fantasy Farms. In the fall, from late September until the end of October, Fantasy Farms has its Peteys Pumpkin Patch event.


When is the Pumpkin Patch Open?

Last year, Peteys Pumpkin Patch ran every day from September 30th until October 31st. It was open on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. It was also open during those times on the Mondays and Fridays of October 2nd, 6th, 9th and 20th. On all other days the family-friendly activities ran from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm.

2024 details are TBC but should be similar.


See the Peteys Pumpkin Patch website for full details about the attraction.


Where is Peteys Pumpkin Patch?

Fantasy Farms’ address is 9423 Gibson Road in Chilliwack. If heading east from Vancouver along the Trans-Canada Highway, take exit 123. It’s about 45 kilometres east of Abbotsford and 24 kilometres south of Harrison Hot Springs.

If wanting to make a day trip out of your visit to Chilliwack and Fantasy Farms, other places of interest in the area include the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve and the Chilliwack Museum. Also just a 15-minute drive away is Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park.


Fantasy Farms at Halloween


How Much Does it Cost?

Admission to Peteys typically costs around $12 per person ages 2 to 64. Seniors cost $10 and kids under the age of 2 are free. A family of four can also get in for just $40.

Pumpkins at Fantasy Farms cost between $2 and $25 depending on their size. There are also usually other types of squash available for purchase, as well as refreshments. Pretty much everything else is free with admission most years, including the train rides.

People who just want to buy a pumpkin don’t have to pay for admission. They can just buy one at the gate. It’s more fun for kids, though getting one from the field, plus enjoying all the other activities.

Parking at the venue is free. It can get busy, though especially on sunny weekends, so carpool with friends if you can.


Easter Train at Fantasy Farms
Train Rides at Fantasy Farms


What to Expect

There is a fair bit more at Peteys Pumpkin Patch than just pumpkins. Yes, there are lots of pumpkins in the field at Fantasy Farms. You can pick one to take home with you at the end of your visit (for a nominal price).

In addition to pumpkins, the venue has miniature train rides, a small farm area with animals, a corn maze and other kid-friendly things to see and do. New a couple of years ago was a nine-hole miniature golf course not included with admission. Whether or not the golf course will return in 2024 is unclear as of June.

Peteys is an both indoor and outdoor attraction. There is a lot of covered space for kids to play in. At the event last year, there were two bouncy castles as well as other indoor activities. There was also a small market on weekends.

Fantasy Farms in October is a fun place for young children and their families. It’s also popular with school groups and birthday parties.


Click Peteys Pumpkin Patch for the attraction’s official website.


Petey's Pumpkin Patch


Farm Animals at Peteys Pumpkin Patch

Fantasy Farms is a farm that grows produce, including both corn and pumpkins. The place has a number of animals too, though which are fun for kids to see. It’s not a “petting zoo.” It’s more of a hobby farm where you can visit and enjoy the animals, but in most cases not touch them. Kids can, however, pet the goats and the bunnies.

The animals can be found near the kids’ play area which is called Fort Runamuk. That’s where you’ll also find a number of small kids’ play houses that children can enjoy.


Corn Maze at Petey's Pumpkin Patch
The Corn Maze at Peteys Pumpkin Patch


The Family-Friendly Corn Maze

Another highlight at Peteys is the corn maze. Fantasy Farms has two corn mazes. There is the family-friendly one during the day that’s part of the Peteys Pumpkin Patch attraction. There is also Reapers Maze of Terror, which is separate, operates only at night, and is designed for older folks who love getting scared.

The corn maze that’s included with admission to Peteys is awesome! It’s simple and child-friendly. It’s not too big, but also not too small. This maze is perfect for young families who want to have fun without getting lost. While making your way through the maze, there are places to get stamps, which makes it extra fun and entertaining for little kids.


See the Peteys Pumpkin Patch website for full details about the family-friendly attraction.


Peteys Pumpkin Patch Video

The following video was taken in October of 2021. In it you’ll see Fantasy Farm’s miniature train, the family-friendly corn maze and Farmer Gary firing off the corn cannon. You’ll also see the fields of pumpkins and one of the farm animals.

When we were there it was about 4:30 pm, so just before closing (which explains why there weren’t so many people).

As you’ll see in the video, the event takes place on a real farm with a variety of interesting things to see and do.



Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions and other things to know to help you make the most of your trip to Fantasy Farms.

TIP #1: Getting a pumpkin straight from a farm is way more fun than picking one up at a grocery store. It’s also a great way to support local farmers.

TIP #2: Peteys Pumpkin Patch is at an active farm and the pumpkins are out in the field. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear, especially if it has been raining over the past few days.

TIP #3: Chilliwack corn is famously delicious! While in the area, in addition to getting a pumpkin, you might also want to pick up some farm-fresh corn.

TIP #4: Don’t forget that gas in the Fantasy Farms area is typically 10 cents or so cheaper than gas in Metro Vancouver. Fill up your tank while you’re in the Fraser Valley!

TIP #5: Reapers Maze of Terror is one of the Lower Mainland’s best haunted attractions. It’s great for older children, youth and adults. It’s not suitable, however, for younger children or extra timid folks. If you like haunted houses, you’ll want to visit Reapers at night. If you don’t like scary stuff, then stick to the pumpkin patch!


In the Stockade at Fantasy Farms
A Halloween Display at Fantasy Farms


Other Information

For the pumpkin-themed event’s official website click peteyspumpkinpatch.ca.

To learn more about the venue and its other events, see the Fantasy Farms website or check out the following articles:

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