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Cultus Lake Waterpark Night Slide Summer Concerts

Night Time at Cultus Lake Waterpark

Cultus Lake Waterpark hosts Night Slide events featuring live music with local bands on a couple of weekends in July and August each year.

They are tremendously popular with youth and young adults and took place on July 19th as well as August 2nd and 16th a couple of years ago. In 2020 the concerts were scheduled to happen on July 18th as well as both August 7th and 28th. Due to the coronavirus, however, these events were cancelled.

It doesn’t look like the night slide events happened in 2021 either. 2022 details weren’t available at the time of writing and 2023 dates are to be confirmed.


Playland in 2021


Playland is operating this summer! For details about the Lower Mainland’s largest amusement park, see the PNE/Playland website!


Night Sliding and Cultus Lake Waterpark

Cultus Lake Waterpark is the largest water slide facility in British Columbia. It’s an amazing facility featuring dozens of slides.

Located at 4150 Columbia Valley Highway in the resort town of Cultus Lake, the attraction is across the street from the Cultus Lake Adventure Park and just a short distance from one of the Lower Mainland’s most popular lakes.

Especially for youth and young families, Cultus Lake Waterpark is one of the region’s absolute best places to be on a hot day in the summer. If you are a teenager or young adult, evenings when they have the Night Slide events are especially fun and exciting. See below for details!


Cultus Lake Concert with Russ Rosen
A Concert in the Early Evening


Night Slide Events

Water slides are fun places to spend the day in hot weather. A waterpark at night, when it’s all lit up, is great fun too. And when you add live outdoor concerts to the water sliding, and you do it with a group of friends, you get an exceptionally fun experience!

In 2020 Night Slide Concerts were scheduled to take place at the Cultus Lake Waterpark from 8:00 pm until midnight on the Saturday of July 18th and Fridays of August 7th and August 28th. Admission in 2021 cost $24 (including taxes). These events did not take place due to the coronavirus. At the time of writing, 2022 details weren’t available and 2023 details are to be confirmed.


Night Concert at Cultus Lake Waterpark
Concerts at Night


What to Expect

We attended a Night Slide event at Cultus Lake a couple of years ago and were really impressed. The place was packed with hundreds of people having a great time. Most participants were teenagers and young adults in their 20s, but there were adults and families too.

The event starts out in the light as the summer sun doesn’t set until after the gates open. As the evening progresses, however, it starts to get dark, the slides get lit up and the place becomes magical.

At a Cultus Lake Night Slide event expect to see lots of youth and young adults having a blast. Participants divide their time between sliding down the slides, listening to the live music and just hanging out in groups and talking with their friends. Depending on the band, there can also be some dancing.

If you’re looking for an exceptional event at a fun venue, we highly recommend the Night Slides. Invite your friends and go as a group – it’ll be a night to remember!


Cultus Lake Water Slides at Night


Tips, Advice and Other Things to Know

Below are some suggestions and extra things to know to help you make the most of your Night Sliding experience.

TIP #1: If you like water slides then definitely go to Cultus Lake Waterpark. It’s amazing and one of Western Canada’s finest! On a hot sunny summer day, it’s a best place to be for family-friendly fun!

TIP #2: Night Slides are special events and outside the attraction’s regular hours of operation. If you want to slide during the day and at night, you’ll have to pay two separate admission rates. After a day of sliding, however, you can be pretty exhausted due to all the exercise. It’s better to go during the daytime one day and then on a different day at night.

TIP #3: If you like amusement parks, then definitely visit the Cultus Lake Adventure Park (either on the same day as the slides or on a different day). It’s not a huge facility, but it has a wide selection of rides and is well maintained. It’s a perfect place for young families and teenagers, and arguably the best amusement park in the Greater Vancouver region.

TIP #4: Gates open at 8:00 pm for Night Slides, but the box office closes at 9:00 pm. You have to arrive before 9:00 pm to get in. Don’t be late!

TIP #5: During the day at Cultus Lake Waterpark guests can come and go as they like. During Night Slide events, however, there are no in-and-out privileges. As a result, don’t forget anything in your car (like your towel or post-swimming clothes to change into).


Tips About Rates

TIP #1: Cultus Lake usually offers special group rates for church youth groups of 15 people or more with advanced reservations and deposits (or at least it has in the past).

TIP #2: In 2019, if you went to the Cultus Lake Waterpark during the day, and on a week day (so not to a Night Slide evening), if you look at the back of your ticket you would find a coupon where for just $15, on the same day as your visit to the water slides, you could enjoy unlimited free rides at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park next door. Hopefully 2023 is the same if the Night Slides happen.


Suggestions on What to Wear

TIP #1: It can get cool at night so take warm clothes! You might want them for when you take a break from the slides.

TIP #2: Full body wetsuits, overly skimpy swimsuits (e.g. thong bikinis), street clothes (e.g. jean cut-offs) and swimwear with metal objects are not permitted. Nor are unsealed drink containers (which is to prevent people from spiking beverages).


Other Things to Know

Note for teenagers and young adults – Night Sliding events are a lot of fun and highly recommended.

Note for parents of teenagers – Night Sliding events are great events and highly recommended. It’s in a safe environment where alcohol, drugs and smoking are not permitted. The pools and slides are also all supervised by water safety personnel, and the facility’s policies prohibit inappropriate swimwear (e.g. thong swimsuits) and offensive language.


Night Concert at Cultus Lake Water Park


Other Information

For more information about the Night Slides Concerts and the attraction in general, see the Cultus Lake Waterpark website.

For more information about the attraction and surrounding area, see our articles about the Fraser Valley, Cultus Lake, the Cultus Lake Waterpark and the Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

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