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Harrison Pumpkin Festival

Harrison Pumpkin Festival

The Harrison Pumpkin Festival is a new major pumpkin patch in the Fraser Valley. It runs from late September until late October in 2023.

For tickets and full details about the attraction, visit the Harrison Pumpkin Festival‘s website.


The Harrison Pumpkin Festival

With the fall season comes a wave of Pumpkin Patches across Metro Vancouver and the surrounding region. There is a new major pumpkin patch in Agassiz in 2023. The Harrison Pumpkin Festival happens at the same location as the Harrison Sunflower Festival. It features more than twenty different types of pumpkins to choose from. One food truck is on site each day and there are also fun contests to enter throughout the festival.


Harrison Pumpkin Festival


When and Where?

The Harrison Pumpkin Festival takes place at Onos Farms, which also hosts the Harrison Sunflower Festival this year. The farm is located near Harrison Hot Springs at 5039 Lougheed Highway in Agassiz.

The inaugural Harrison Pumpkin Festival runs on select days between September 29th and October 29th in 2023. For the most part, the attraction is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The only other day it’s open is on the Monday of the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

Hours vary depending on the day. On Thursdays and Fridays the pumpkin patch is open from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays it opens one hour earlier and closes at the same time. Hours on Monday, October 9th, are from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Harrison Flower and Pumpkin Festival Barn in Agassiz
5039 Lougheed Highway in Agassiz


Ticket Prices

Admission to the Harrison Pumpkin Festival costs $15 for everyone ages three and above. Tickets are available online as of September 27th. They are non-refundable. Little kids under the age of three enter for free.

Tickets include all-you-can-carry pumpkins, meaning you can take home as many as you can carry in your arms at no additional cost. If you’re up for the challenge, no trolleys, carts or other carrying aids are allowed. For folks who are not willing to try, pumpkins are also available for purchase at the farm’s store.


For tickets and full details about the attraction, click Harrison Pumpkin Festival.


Pumpkins in Front of the Barn in Agassiz


What to Expect

The Harrison Pumpkin Festival is a family-friendly event. Expect to see people of all ages taking in the fall festivities. The farm is a very colourful attraction, as there are multiple shades of pumpkins in the field. There are beautiful flowers on site as well, including dahlias, zinnia, cosmos and sunflowers.

The inaugural Harrison Pumpkin Festival also features fun contests. Expect to see people filling their arms with pumpkins. Folks can weigh their picks and compete in the heaviest pumpkin competition which runs for the full festival. There’s also a photo contest on Instagram showing off creative ways to carry pumpkins, so people will be taking lots of pictures.

During the Harrison Sunflower Festival, the farm features vintage vehicles, swings and some lawn games. All of those might be available for pumpkin patch visitors as well. Exact details, however, are to be confirmed.


For tickets and full details about the attraction, click Harrison Pumpkin Festival.


RV-ing in the Fraser Valley
Parking area at the Harrison Pumpkin Festival


Harrison Sunflower and Tulip Festivals

The Harrison Sunflower Festival takes place at the end of the summer and early fall before the pumpkin patch opens.

In 2023 it ran up until September 17th. This year’s festival featured nearly 15 acres of flowers including over 40 different varieties of sunflowers. There were also dahlias, zinnias and cosmos.

The Tulip Festival is going to have its first year back in Agassiz in the spring of 2024. Additional details are to be confirmed. In its last year in Chilliwack there were around 7 million flowers. Hopefully 2024 will be similar.


Other Information

For more information about the Harrison Pumpkin Festival, visit the Harrison Sunflower Festival website.

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