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Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport

With over 17 million people passing through every year, award-winning Vancouver International Airport, or YVR, is the second busiest airport in Canada

Vancouver YVR Airport

If you’re visiting Vancouver from afar, chances are pretty good that you’ll be passing through Vancouver’s main airport (unless you arrived on a cruise ship or have been driving a long ways).

With over 17 million people passing through its gates every year, YVR is the second busiest airport in Canada. The other two airports of significance in the region are the Abbotsford International Airport (home of the Abbotsford Airshow every summer in August) and the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre (located downtown by the Vancouver Convention Centre and home to Harbour Air, which also offers departures from YVR).

As far as airports go in the world, Vancouver’s is one of the best.  Yes, be prepared to do a fair bit of walking from one end to the other, but the facility is well laid out and has a good selection of interesting shops and restaurants to help pass the time.

YVR Airport on the Water
YVR Airport with the Fraser River and North Shore Mountains

TRANSIT TIP #1: The Canada Line SkyTrain conveniently goes from the Airport to downtown Vancouver at a fraction of the price of a taxi.  There is a $5 or transit surcharge for commuters traveling from the airport (but not going to it), but it’s worth it.

TRANSIT TIP #2: From YVR to downtown Vancouver is two zones, or one zone on Saturdays and Sundays. If you plan to do more travelling later in the day, especially on a weekday at full price, and you expect to use public transit for three or so extra trips on the same date, or just two longer ones, then consider buying a day pass at less than $10 for an adult.

YVR Airport View from the Air
View of YVR Airport from the Air