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SYNCRA City Music Experience in Vancouver


SYNCRA is an immersive experience with electronic dance music, lighting effects and interactive activities. It premieres in Vancouver in February 2023.

The attraction is in Vancouver from February 14th until March 14th (which includes Valentine’s Day and the Family Day Long Weekend). Other special attractions during that period of time include Beyond Van Gogh (which is a multimedia art exhibition in Cloverdale) and Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (which is a touring superhero-themed attraction in Burnaby). Vancouver Fan Expo is also in town at around the same time, as is the Just for Laughs Vancouver comedy festival.


Valentine's Day Activities


Vancouver’s SYNCRA Experience in 2023

SYNCRA is a brand new music experience touring North America. The exhibit’s first stop is in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day this year. Folks in the Lower Mainland will be the first in the world to check out the immersive walkthrough attraction. SYNCRA is a fresh and unique way to experience new electronic dance music (EDM) and visual art.

The event is a high-tech attraction covering about 7000 square feet of space. The venue is made to look like a unique and futuristic city with different areas to explore. Each room is like its own neighbourhood inside a cyberpunk-like city. Expect to see bright neon lights and all sorts of colours. There’s original music played as well throughout the attraction and each beat is synced to a variety of different visual and interactive displays. It sounds like a cool sight to see!


When and Where is SYNCRA City

SYNCRA opens on Valentine’s Day in 2023. It runs on different days and times from February 14th until March 12th.

The venue’s address is 3250 Commercial Drive in the City of Vancouver. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station. It’s also just a couple of blocks from John Hendry Park and Trout Lake.


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Ticket Prices for the SYNCRA Experience

Admission prices vary depending on your age and how many people you’re going with. Individual ticket prices for the 2023 exhibit are listed below. Online service fees and taxes cost extra.

  • General Admission (ages 13+) – $35
  • Children (ages 3 to 12) – $25
  • Little Kids (ages 2 and under) – Free

Special rates are available for large groups. People who book for a group of at least 10 people save about $10 per general admission ticket.


SYNCRA Experience Scene



In 2023 SYNCRA City has seven different “neighbourhoods” or rooms to check out. Below are descriptions of each of the areas.


SYNCRA Station

The whole experience starts here. SYNCRA Station is made to look like an underground train station from the future. There are train tickets and information booths with things to read. Visitors get to listen to EDM music, admire interesting projections and interact with a few different screens. There’s also a light tunnel and a few photo booths in this area.


Frequency Bar

SYNCRA Station leads into Frequency Bar. As its name suggests, the place looks like a funky bar. In this area guests can interact with tables in the room to change the colours of the lighting. When you move your drink, the visual experience around you changes as well.


Mirror District

This area gets its name because of its featured infinity mirror. There’s a line of lights on the ceiling that create stunning reflections. Mirror District is an interesting spot for pictures of yourself and your friends and family.


SYNCRA Experience Rooms


The Arena

Located in the middle of SYNCRA City, the Arena is a multimedia walkthrough experience. Most of the colours, shapes and other visuals inside the Arena are the result of interactive activities from other parts of the city. In other words, there are things to do in other rooms that change the experience of people inside the Arena.


Pulse Alley

Staged to look like an alleyway, this area is the underground passage of the city. Pulse Alley features tunnels full of lights that resemble arches. The lights react and respond to movement inside the tunnels with changing colours, lines and more.


Marvel Avengers Station


Particle Park

Particle Park is the “Central Park” of SYNCRA City. It has several neon beams and lights, as well as a few elements of nature. There’s a bonsai tree in the middle of the room that acts as a display. When people interact with the rock face in the park, the lights on the bonsai tree change colours. This area also features a dance station where different movements are projected into particles.


Sound Gardens

Last but not least, the Sound Gardens feature an interactive fountain. There are several knobs, sliders and buttons to play with. The interactions affect the music and help guests feel more immersed and connected with the beat. This area also has a hidden tree that mirrors faces and there are other things to check out as well.


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Other Information

For more information about the attraction visit the official Experience SYNCRA website.

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