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Soar Over Taiwan Lunar New Year FlyOver Canada Films

FlyOver Canada's Soar Over Taiwan

FlyOver Canada is a Vancouver attraction that features multi-sensory ride-type films. In winter, around Chinese New Year, they offer a special feature film.

In past years, in celebration of the Lunar New Year, the show has been Flight of the Dragon which features scenes from Mainland China. In 2020 the show is Soar Over Taiwan and it runs from January 16th until February 17th. Both films are exceptional and highly recommended.

Soar Over Taiwan at FlyOver Canada

Soar Over Taiwan is the newest in the series of FlyOver Canada films. To learn more about the attraction and its other shows see our main article about FlyOver Canada. To learn about the latest Lunar New Year-themed flying-film experience though, continue reading.

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When, Where and How Much

Soar Over Taiwan takes place daily from 10 am until 9 pm at 999 Canada Place in the FlyOver Canada facility in downtown Vancouver. Occurring every 30 minutes, Soar Over Taiwan alternates with FlyOver Canada shows. If you want to see Soar Over Taiwan you must book a time that ends in 00:15 or 00:45, and if you want to see the regular FlyOver Canada film the times for that end in 00:00 and 00:30.

Prices online range from $21 to $29 per adult, $15 to $21 per senior or student, and $11 to $17 per child depending on the day you go, how far in advance you book and whether or not you live in British Columbia. There are discounts for BC residents as well as military personnel. Also, if you buy tickets to see both the Soar Over Taiwan film and the regular FlyOver Canada show as part of a dual-ride ticket, you’ll save up to 50% off the regular full price of the second film.

Taiwanese Fields of Tea
Taiwanese Tea Farms

What to Expect (Before the Show)

On your way to the venue, if you look down while walking along the promenade deck of Canada Place from the main road, you will see the names of cities and provinces from Canada that have been placed in the cement of the walkway. You’ll also see the Vancouver Convention Centre nearby and the North Shore Mountains in the distance (or at least you will on a clear day).

Once you arrive at the FlyOver Canada ticket booth and check in, take a look around the gift shop to find some Vancouver and Lunar New Year souvenirs. It’s a very good gift shop and the quality of the souvenirs is high. There is also the Flying Whale Waterfront Café in the building if you’re feeling hungry or thirsty.

Once it’s close to your assigned time for the attraction, head up the stairs to the right of the ticket booth and join the queue. There, a guest services person will scan your tickets and offer to take your photo. The photo involves standing in front of a green screen so they can change the background. You can then see your photos in the gift shop after your show (and decide then whether or not you want to buy one as a souvenir).

In the line-up they have complimentary umbrella bags and some interesting trivia about Taiwan on TV screens. When needed, they also have heaters throughout the queue area in case you’re worried about being too cold while waiting your turn.

Once inside the venue, a short film explaining the importance of the Lunar New Year in Taiwan is shown. You are then directed to your seat for the main show, where you soar over the beautiful island of Taiwan and discover the vast landscapes that are there.

Taipei and Taipei 101
Taipei and the Taipei 101 Building

What to Expect (During the Show)

The actual main theatre has a row of seats on three different floors. You are directed to your seat and instructed to store your belongings underneath your spot and then buckle in. Once everyone is ready, the lights go out and your row of seats begins to move up and forward.

Seconds later the lights go on and you find yourself soaring above Taiwan. Over the next few minutes you fly over lush green and jagged mountains, past beautiful fields of tea, along the coastline of the island, by temples and pagodas, and around the city of Taipei.

In the film you see Taroko National Park, Jade Mountain, the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival and Taipei 101, which, at around 509 metres (or 1671 feet) and 101 stories high, was, until 2010, the tallest building in the world. In total you see about twenty different famous Taiwanese places.

For full details and tickets to the show click Soar Over Taiwan 2020.

During the film not only do you see beautiful sites, but you also feel the breeze on your face and smells in the air. Your row of seats tilts back and forth as you fly around the island, and you even feel a bit of mist when something quite surprising happens (which is unique to this film compared to others produced by FlyOver Canada, but that’s all we’re going to say). It’s truly a multi-sensory experience that’s lots of fun.

When we went it amazed us how there can be so many different landscapes within one small island. Seeing the beautiful oceans, the amazing forests and mountains, and the booming city made us want to go there immediately. The scenery was beautiful and the entire experience was most enjoyable and highly recommended. If and when you go, expect to be educated, awed and entertained!

Taiwanese Mountain Peak
Taiwan’s Jade Mountain

Other Information

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