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Vancouver Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day fireworks usually take place on July 1st in Abbotsford, Burnaby, SurreyVancouver, New Westminster, West Vancouver and White Rock.

They also normally take place in Coquitlam, Mission, Whistler and sometimes even Squamish too. Because of COVID-19, live fireworks celebrations in 2020 were cancelled! They aren’t happening in 2021 either, at least not until later in the summer or fall at the earliest.

Although no major live fireworks are taking place on July 1st this year, at least not to our knowledge, other festivities are happening (both online and in-person).



For a list of general Canada Day events throughout the greater Vancouver region, click Canada Day in the Lower Mainland.

For information specifically about where to see fireworks on July 1st, see below.

And for information about fireworks-viewing opportunities at other times of the year, including the Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival in the lead up to the BC Day Long Weekend, click Metro Vancouver Fireworks Events.


Fireworks Displays on July 1st

The Lower Mainland loves its fireworks! Different communities have fireworks nights at different times of the year including at New Years, BC Day, Halloween and other special occasions, plus of course Canada Day.

Almost every city in the Lower Mainland has some kind of Canada Day event. Some have parades, most host family-friendly activities, and many (but not all) have evening fireworks.


North Shore Canada Day 2021


Canada Day in North Vancouver in 2021 is an online event featuring top local musical talent. Click North Shore Canada Day for details.


Canada Day Fireworks Venues

Below is a list of places you can watch Canada Day fireworks on July 1st most years (although not in 2020 or 2021).

(Note: Event details and fireworks times are subject to change.)


Abbotsford Canada Day Fireworks

The largest Canada Day celebrations in the Fraser Valley usually take place at Abbotsford Exhibition Park which is located at 32470 Haida Drive.

In years when live events aren’t cancelled due to pandemics, Abbotsford has a parade in the morning and then a festival with free concerts in the afternoon and evening. The fireworks blast off at 10 pm. The 2021 events were cancelled due to the coronavirus, however, although a “virtual pet parade” and other online activities still took place.

Click Canada Day in Abbotsford for more information about the day’s events (both in 2020 and in typical years).


Burnaby Canada Day Fireworks

Burnaby has Canada Day events at Burnaby Village Museum, Edmonds Community Centre and at Swangard Stadium (although in 2020 they were all cancelled).

Swangard Stadium is where the fireworks usually take place in Burnaby. The free July 1st activities there include concerts beginning at around 6:30 pm. Fireworks finish the night at 10:00 pm.

The stadium is located at 3883 Imperial Street and the closest SkyTrain station is Patterson.

Click Canada Day in Burnaby for more information.


Coquitlam Canada Day Fireworks

In years when there isn’t a virus pandemic, Coquitlam celebrates July 1st with festivities at Town Centre Park which is located at 1299 Pinetree Way near the Lafarge Lake – Douglas SkyTrain Station.

Festivities in Coquitlam include live music and family-friendly activities. The fireworks displays happen at Lafarge Lake starting at 10 o’clock.

Because of COVID-19 and the fact that gatherings of over 50 people were not permitted last summer, the 2020 event at Lafarge Lake was cancelled. That being said, the city still planned to have a virtual event with family-friendly concerts and other online performances.

Click Coquitlam on Canada Day for more information.


Canada Day Events in Metro Vancouver


Mission Canada Day Fireworks

The main Canada Day celebrations in Mission usually happen at Fraser River Heritage Park which is located at 7494 Mary Street. Family-friendly activities take place there all day, up until about 5 o’clock. The community then takes a break over dinnertime before heading to Mission Raceway Park for fireworks which blast off at 10 o’clock.

The usual July 1st events in Mission were cancelled in 2020 due to concerns about the coronavirus. Virtual online activities, however, were planned in their place.

Click Canada Day in Mission or more information.


New Westminster Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day festivities usually take place at various times of the day at Queen’s Park, Westminster Pier Park and at the River Market at Westminster Quay. The fireworks blast off from the Fraser River near the Quay at around 10:00 pm.

In 2020 the in-person Canada Day events in this municipality were cancelled. Some activities though still took place online.

Click Canada Day in New Westminster for details.


Squamish Canada Day Fireworks

Squamish Canada Day activities usually include a morning parade, afternoon community festival and, sometimes, evening fireworks. In 2019 the fireworks took place at Brennan Park and live music that night was with The Paperboys.

In December of last year the District of Squamish decided to reduce funding for the 2020 event due to general financial cutbacks. As a result, no fireworks were planned for the July 1st event in 2020 even before the coronavirus started wreaking havoc on life in the Lower Mainland (and the entire world).

Between the cutbacks in municipal funding and the global pandemic, not much happened on July 1st in Squamish in 2020. 2021 looks to be the same.

Click Canada Day in Squamish to learn more.


Steveston Village Canada Day Fireworks

In years when the event isn’t cancelled (as was the case in 2020), Richmond celebrates Canada Day with the Steveston Salmon Festival on July 1st. The event includes live music, family-friendly activities and a community barbecue. There are also fireworks at the waterfront most years. They blast off at 10:15 pm.

The 2020 event was cancelled and the 2021 event is all online.

See our article about the Steveston Salmon Festival for more information.


Surrey Canada Day Fireworks

Surrey hosts one of the largest Canada Day events in Western Canada at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in the Bill Reid Millennium Amphitheatre area which is located at 17728 64th Avenue.

Festivities in Surrey generally include amusement rides, outdoor concerts and family-friendly activities. The fireworks usually start at around 10:30 pm and they are some of the Lower Mainland’s most impressive!

The live in-person Canada Day festivities in Surrey were cancelled for 2020. There was, however, a virtual event that took place online. Bands performing at the event included Colin James, 54-40 and Bif Naked, among quite a few others.

Click Surrey on Canada Day for more information.


Canada Day Fireworks in Burrard Inlet
Canada Day Fireworks by Canada Place


Vancouver Canada Day Fireworks

The region’s biggest and most famous Canada Day celebrations take place around Canada Place in the late afternoon and evening of July 1st (although not in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic).

The event at Canada Place isn’t as big as it has been in past years because, as of 2018, there is no longer a Canada Day parade. There are still free concerts though and the fireworks are still impressive. In years when they do happen, the pyrotechnics start at around 10:30 pm and, at least most years, they last for up to 20 minutes.

Because of the coronavirus, there will be no in-person concerts or fireworks in downtown Vancouver in 2021, as was the case last year. Hopefully the event will be able to resume operations in 2022.

Click Canada Day at Canada Place for more details.


West Vancouver Canada Day Fireworks

Formerly called the Red & White Picnic, the Canada Day event in West Vancouver usually runs from around 2:00 until 10:30 pm. In years when it isn’t cancelled, the celebrations include live music and evening fireworks.

The fireworks usually blast off from a barge off the water at 10:30 pm and last for close to 20 minutes. The event was cancelled though for 2020. It’s back in 2021 but in a greatly reduced format (and without fireworks).

Click July 1st in West Vancouver for information.


Whistler Canada Day Fireworks

Fireworks take place at the top of Whistler Mountain most years on July 1st. People can watch them from a distance from the village for free, or pay to go up the gondola and see them close up.

As of late spring, 2020, the Town of Whistler was still discouraging people from visiting the area due to the coronavirus pandemic. The village has opened back up now and there are set to be some in-person festivities once again. However, that does not include fireworks displays.

See Whistler on Canada Day for more information about the fireworks and the resort’s other usual July 1st events.


White Rock Canada Day Fireworks

White Rock Canada Day celebrations usually include live music, family-friendly activities and a community barbecue at the beach. In years when it doesn’t get cancelled due to pandemics, the town’s Canada Day by the Bay event is free, runs from around 10:00 am until 10:30 pm, and is lots of fun.

Canada Day by the Bay finishes with fireworks in the water off the beach just east of the pier and giant landmark white rock at 10:15 pm.

The in-person festivities were cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19. Online activities took place instead. The event is online once again in 2021.

Click Canada Day by the Bay for details about White Rock’s July 1st event.


Canada Day Events


Other Information

For more information about Canada Day events in the Lower Mainland click Canada Day in Metro Vancouver.

For details about other fireworks events at other times of the year, click Metro Vancouver Fireworks Events.

And for information about Vancouver’s most famous fireworks event which takes place in English Bay at the end of July and beginning of August, click Celebration of Light.




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