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Maan Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Abbotsford

Maan Farms Pumpkin Patch

Abbotsford’s Maan Farms sells fresh produce. It also has kids’ play areas as well as a pumpkin patch, corn maze and other Halloween activities in autumn.

In 2020 the fall and Halloween-themed activities at the farm ran from September 25th until November 1st. The venue is located at 790 McKenzie Road in Abbotsford.

For the venue’s official website visit maanfarms.com.

To learn about the pumpkin patch and the farm’s other kid-friendly Halloween activities, continue reading. To learn about the farm’s ultra-scary attraction for older folk, on the other hand, see our article about the Haunted Corn Maze.


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Maan Farms


Maan Farms Fall and Halloween Activities

Maan Farms is a great place for fresh fruits, vegetables and kids’ activities for most of the year. It grows its own produce. The site also has a Barnyard Adventureland that’s several acres in size and full of play structures and other fun activities for children.

In addition to produce for sale and large play areas for kids, from mid-August until the middle of September the farm has its Sunflower Festival which features a field of flowers and a corn maze. Both are fun, agriculturally-themed and family-friendly activities.

Later in the fall, after the Sunflower Festival finishes, Maan Farms has its Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. These are great activities for families with young children. Kids get to pick their Halloween pumpkins in the field and explore the corn maze.

The pumpkin patch and other fall activities usually run from late September until Halloween. In 2020 the dates are September 25th until November 1st. The Corn Maze though is available from around mid-August until Halloween, so it complements both the Sunflower Festival and pumpkin patch Halloween season.


Maan Farms Haunted Corn Maze


Note: The Haunted Corn Maze is a serious Halloween attraction that’s designed for serious fright seekers. It takes place at night. Autumn Fall Activities, which are described below and include a family-friendly corn maze, are for children and families. Both corn maze events take place at Maan Farms from late September until Halloween. Both are exceptional, and at the same venue, but also very different and for different audiences.



Pumpkin Field at Maan Farms


The Pumpkin Patch at Maan Farms

About a dozen Lower Mainland farms have pumpkin patches in the fall. The one at Maan Farms is an exceptional one. Not only does this event involve pumpkins, but it also features farm animals and children’s play structures and activities.

Instead of buying your Halloween pumpkin at a supermarket (where the pumpkin comes from who knows where), going to a real farm and to a pumpkin patch makes for a fun and family-friendly tradition.

The pumpkin patch at Maan Farms is just across the street from the farm’s produce store parking lot. Families can head over to the field, select their pumpkins and then go get them weighed and paid for. It’s a lot of fun. It also helps kids learn that pumpkins and other produce come from a farm and not just a grocery store and a shopping cart.

Most Lower Mainland farms with pumpkin patches have hundreds of pumpkins in their fields. Maan Farms, on the other hand, has thousands! You’ll likely never see so many again in one place in your life (or at least that was the case when we went on a weekend at the beginning of October). For information aboutadmission rates, see further below.


Visit maanfarms.com for the venue’s official website.


Pumpkin Patch Video

To give you an idea of what to expect at the pumpkin patch at Maan Farms, check out the short video below.

The following video was taken late in the day, about half an hour or so before dusk. As you can see, the field is literally full of pumpkins. There are thousands of them! If you can’t find the perfect pumpkin here, you won’t find one anywhere!



The Corn Maze at Maan Farms

Maan Farms has a great corn maze. As mentioned above, it runs from around the middle of August until Halloween.

The corn maze is very kid-friendly. It runs during the Sunflower Festival in the late summer and early fall, and then again during the venue’s Halloween season. In 2020 it has a Disney’s “Frozen” theme, which makes it perfect for small children.

The maze is a big one at about 7 acres in size. This year it has Frozen-related clues hidden in places within its labyrinth of pathways. Admission to both it and the farm’s Barnyard Adventure is included with the cost of admission to the Sunflower Festival in the summer. During the Halloween season the same is included with the farm’s Fall Farm Pass.

In addition to the family-friendly corn maze, Maan Farms also has a separate Haunted Corn Maze which claims to be the “scariest corn maze in Canada” (and we agree that it is)! Unlike the regular maze, this other one is recommended only for serious older fright seekers.


Visit maanfarms.com for the venue’s official website.


2020 Special Themed Days

In addition to the Frozen theme, the non-ultra-scary corn maze and pumpkin patch have different extra features on various nights of the Halloween season in 2020.

On most weekends Maan Farms has a “Princess” time from 12:00 until 3:00 pm when there are princesses to meet and get your photo taken with. On most Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays they also have “Haunted Nights” between 7:00 and 10:00 pm when the place gets a little extra spooky (but still family-friendly).

Most Tuesdays in 2020 were “Family Flashlight Nights” when guests can go through the family-friendly corn maze with their flashlights. There are also about 8 days when people are welcome to bring their pet dogs with them to the farm during the day.

To see what’s happening on what days, see the Maan Farms website and scroll down to see their calendar.


Maan Farms Corn Maze


Fall Admission Rates at the Farm

From late September until October 31st you can just do the pumpkin patch, or you can buy a ticket for a range of family-friendly activities including the pumpkin patch.

You can just go to the pumpkin patch and get a pumpkin if you want. Admission for that is $4 (and that amount is then deducted from the price of whatever pumpkin or pumpkins you purchase).

If you want to do the pumpkin patch plus the kids’ corn maze, and see the farm animals, and play on all the play structures in the Barnyard Adventureland, you have to purchase a Fall Farm Pass.

if purchased in advance online, Fall Farm Passes cost $15 for children ages 3 years and older, and $12 for parents who also pay for a child’s ticket. Same-day prices are slightly more expensive. Children under the age of 3 get in for free.

Fall Farm Passes include access to the Frozen-themed corn maze and seven other farm attractions including the pumpkin patch. In 2020, tickets for the full range of fall activities (excluding the Haunted Corn Maze) were booked in two-hour time slots.

To buy tickets for the above attractions, click Maan Farms Tickets.


Maan Farms Pumpkin Produce
Autumn produce for sale at Maan Farms


Other Information

To learn more about Maan Farms, visit the maanfarms.com website or check out our article about Abbotsford’s Maan Farms. To learn about Canada’s scariest Halloween maze, see our article about the Haunted Corn Maze.

For more information about the venue and its various activities, check out the following topics on the farm’s official website.

To learn more about the region see our articles about Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley.

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