Jerry Sulina Park in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge’s Jerry Sulina Park has a pond and a fabulous off-leash dog area. It’s connected with the Trans-Canada Trail and the region’s network of dykes.


Jerry Sulina Park

Jerry Sulina Park is a small park in Maple Ridge. It’s located on the Alouette River near the corner of 132nd Avenue and 210th Street. It’s near the western edge of Maple Ridge, not far from the border with Pitt Meadows. The park is about a 10-minute drive northeast of the Meadow Gardens Golf Course and a 6-minute drive southwest of the North Alouette Greenway.

The park is a really nice one for a number of reasons. Although small itself, the park is connected with the entire region via the Trans-Canada Trail. You can walk or cycle along the dyke in a northwest direction and within a few minutes you’ll be in Pitt Meadows. If you keep going you’ll make it all the way to the Pitt River.

Another reason we like Jerry Sulina Park is the fact that it has one of the best off-leash dog parks in the entire Lower Mainland!


Maple Ridge Dyke by Jerry Sulina Park
Trans-Canada Trail Dyke


Jerry Sulina Dog Park

One of the most popular features of Jerry Sulina Park is its off-leash dog area. It’s exceptional! The dog park is all enclosed. It has a trail that begins by the pond and then wanders through some brush. Unlike dog parks in other places, it’s not just a big wide open space. It’s a very pretty spot.

The dog park is impressive. It looks like a nature reserve, the kind you usually see signs that say “No Dogs Allowed.” In addition to dogs, when we last went we saw ducks in the pond, nesting herons in the trees and even a small garden snake in the bushes. It’s home to lots of wildlife! And it’s such a beautiful place to be able to take your dog!

In the dog park area there is a pond that dogs can play in. There are also walking trails. You can walk along the Alouette River and access the water there too. This isn’t your standard dog park with a fence and a bit of flat open space. It’s beautiful!


Puppy at Jerry Sulina Park
Dog Park by the Alouette River


What Else is at the Park?

There is a small parking lot at the park. There are also portable toilets, but no running water.

In addition to the main pond, there is also the Alouette River. It runs through the park and there are a few places where you can access the water.

If you’re looking for a spot to take your dog for a walk and some play time, or a place to access the Trans-Canada Trail for a stroll or bike ride along the dykes, Jerry Sulina Park is a good place to go.


Pond at Jerry Sulina Park
Pond at the Jerry Sulina Off-Leash Dog Park


Jerry Sulina Park Video

The following video shows what the park looks like in the spring, before many of the trees and bushes have leaves. It was taken in the middle of April.

The video shows the Trans-Canada Trail along the dyke. Most of the scenes though are from within the off-leash dog park area.



Other Parks in Maple Ridge

There are lots of great parks in Maple Ridge. The most famous is Golden Ears Provincial Park which is home to hiking trails, Alouette Lake and three different campgrounds. Not far from Golden Ears is Maple Ridge Park which has a children’s play area, a water spray park and trails along the Alouette River. It also has a great wide-open off-leash dog park area.

Kanaka Creek is a long skinny regional park with walking trails that stretch from the Fraser River into the interior. Part way up are some waterfalls.

North Alouette Greenway is a regional park that connects with Jerry Sulina Park via a network of dykes and trails. It’s a great place for leisurely strolls, bike rides and on-leash walks with your dog.

Whonnock Lake is a park with a sandy beach, children’s play area and a small lake that’s popular for non-motorized boating and fishing.


Maple Ridge and Dog-Friendly Places


Other Information

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