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Experience Iceland at Vancouver’s FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Iceland at FlyOver Canada

An exciting new film has joined the FlyOver Canada series! FlyOver Iceland premiered in Reykjavík and then came to Vancouver in 2020.

The show is back in town for just a couple of weeks in the fall. It runs from November 2nd until the 18th, after which FlyOver Canada at Christmas is showing.

For tickets to the Icelandic film see the FlyOver Canada website.

FlyOver Iceland at FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Iceland at Flyover Canada in Vancouver

The newest in the series of multi-dimensional experience-style films, FlyOver Iceland takes participants flying over Icelandic fjords, massive white glaciers and all kinds of picturesque scenes. It promises to be a trip to remember!

Before there was FlyOver Canada at just one location – at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Now though there is a sister attraction, but thousands of miles away, in Reykjavik Iceland. We love our local attraction and bet Icelandic folk and visitors to their country love their FlyOver Iceland venue too!

Flyover Canada at Canada Place

FlyOver Iceland at Canada Place

FlyOver Iceland is a newly released film. It’s the seventh in the series of FlyOver Canada films and the fourth featuring a country other than Canada.

The Icelandic-themed film opened at a new multi-sensory attraction in Reykjavik Iceland in late 2019. In North America, it was scheduled to play in Vancouver at Canada Place between February 20th and May 3rd in 2020. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, however, the show got cut short and ended in mid-March. It then started back up though in the summer and ran until late October. It then returned for a couple of weeks in November.

When you first enter, you will be lead through Iceland’s history in a short introductory film narrated by a troll. Through this film, you learn about the creation of Iceland and how it was populated.

In the main multi-dimensional film you’ll see rocky mountain peaks, fields of Arctic flowers, majestic canyons, Niagara-like waterfalls, icy glaciers, volcanoes, and lots of ocean and snow. It’s truly beautiful and no wonder that people who actually visit Iceland in real life rave about their trips.

If you visit Reykjavik one day be sure to check out FlyOver Iceland at its Icelandic venue. And if you’re in downtown Vancouver between late February and the beginning of May, check out the ride-like experience at FlyOver Canada too!

During the FlyOver Iceland film you’ll smile, get sprayed, be awed, smell a volcano and feel like you’re really flying. You’ll also experience Iceland like few in the world ever will.

When is FlyOver Iceland?

FlyOver Canada returns to Vancouver for a brief run from November 2nd until the 18th. After that, from November 19th until January 3rd (2021), FlyOver Canada at Christmas is in town.

For full details see the FlyOver Canada website.

2020 Prices and Times

Prices at FlyOver Canada vary depending on what show you go to, the day you go and whether you are a resident of British Columbia. In the summer of 2020, adult tickets for FlyOver Iceland were between $21 and $28, senior and student tickets were between $15 and $21, and children’s tickets were between $11 and $18. There were special discounted rates for BC residents and members of the military.

Also good to know, if you purchased a dual ticket to see both the FlyOver Iceland show and the regular FlyOver Canada film on the same visit, you would have saved around 15% off the regular individual prices.

Starting at 10:15 am every day, FlyOver Iceland was scheduled to show every 30 minutes with the last film occurring at 8:45 pm. It is approximately 15 to 20 minutes long. The regular FlyOver Canada film, meanwhile, showed every half hour starting at 10:00 am. If you saw both shows, you would have seen the Icelandic one first and then stayed in your seats for the film that takes you on the trip across Canada.

FlyOver Iceland Video

To give you an idea of what to expect, below is a promotional video about the Icelandic film. As you’ll see, it promises to be just as impressive as FlyOver Canada’s other amazing flying film experiences.

About FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada is one of Vancouver’s top tourist attractions. Located on the upper deck of the western promenade at Canada Place (at 999 Canada Place), it’s a theatre like no other.

At FlyOver Canada guests get strapped into their seats and taken on a flight simulation where they experience the wind in their hair, mist on their faces and the feeling of really flying.

The FlyOver Canada attraction showcases an amazing film about Canada year-round. In it participants fly from one side of the country to the other and see everything from the Maritimes to the Prairies, Rockies, Pacific Ocean and Arctic.

In addition to its regular flying film experience about Canada, the attraction also shows other special feature films at various times of the year. There is FlyOver America, Soar Over Taiwan and Flight of the Dragon (about China). The main FlyOver Canada film also gets a Halloweenish touch in October and extra Christmas-y scenes at the end of the year.

All of FlyOver Canada’s films are highly recommended. They are educational, entertaining and even thrilling. They are exceptional ways to experience Canada and the various other countries the films feature.

To learn more about all the films and the attraction in general, see our main article about FlyOver Canada or check out the official FlyOver Canada website. To learn more about FlyOver Iceland, continue reading.

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For more details about the attraction see our article about FlyOver Canada or visit the official FlyOver Canada website.

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