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Brewhalla Port Moody Craft Beer and Music Festival

Brewhalla in Port Moody

Brewhalla Beer and Music Festivals take place in a number of places in Metro Vancouver each year. One of its events is Brewhalla Port Moody.


Brewhalla Festival in Port Moody

The inaugural Brewhalla Port Moody event took place from 12:00 to 6:00 pm on Saturday, August 6th in 2022. The event was held at Inlet Park, located at 3024 Murray Street in Port Moody. Inlet Park is very close to what’s known as Port Moody’s “Brewer’s Row” meaning there are plenty of breweries nearby.

The 2022 event featured plenty of drinks, food and live music. Sadly, the event was cancelled in 2023. Organizers have stated that they plan on returning to Port Moody in 2024. Exact details, however, are to be confirmed.


Ticket Prices

Admission to the various Brewhalla events around the Lower Mainland starts at around $35 to $55 depending on the event and how far in advance the tickets are bought.

The Port Moody Brewhalla event in 2022 cost around $45. That price included admission to the event, three beer tokens and a souvenir glass. Attendees didn’t have to limit themselves to just three drinks but anything past the first three cost extra.

2024 details will likely be similar.


Participating Breweries

The 2022 Brewhalla Port Moody event featured 20 breweries, many of which were from Port Moody and the surrounding area. Below is a list of the breweries that were on hand. 2024 details may be similar.

  • Another Brewing Co.
  • Barnside Brewing Co.
  • Boardwalk Brewing
  • Humblebee Meadery
  • Russell Brewing Co.
  • Farm Country Brewing
  • Five Roads Brewing Co.
  • Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co.
  • Cerveceria Astilleros
  • Moody Ales & Co.
  • Mariner Brewing
  • Trading Post Brewing
  • Northpaw Brew Co.
  • The Parkside Brewery
  • Studio Brewing


Live Entertainment

Along with the drinks and food on hand Brewhalla provides plenty of live music as well. Over a dozen artists performed at the inaugural Port Moody event. Below is the entertainment lineup from 2022. Some performers may return in the future.

  • Jobe
  • Brother Luck
  • Hyaenas
  • Aza Nabuko
  • Shady & Con
  • Mikey Jose
  • Sam Chimes
  • Shaun Finn
  • Frase & Fawna
  • Syd Warwick
  • Yvonne Kushe
  • Raincity
  • Adam Thomas
  • Phil Bo
  • Brewhalla House Band


Festival Video

For an idea of what to expect at Brewhalla Port Moody, check out the video below. The footage is from the 2022 event. As you can see, Inlet Park is a big venue with plenty of space. There were lots of vendors to visit and drinks to taste. The video also showcases some of the live entertainment from the 2022 event, along with the picnic tables and other seating areas on site.



Other Information

For more information about the Port Moody festival, visit the Brewhalla website.

To learn more about the series of events, click Brewhalla Beer and Music Festivals or see our articles about the Fort Langley, Surrey, Chilliwack and North Vancouver events.

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