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Vancouver’s False Creek Seawall

False Creek by David Lam Park

The False Creek Seawall is a world-class walking and cycling path connecting English Bay with Yaletown, Science World, Granville Island and Kitsilano Beach.


The False Creek Seawall

Looking for an exceptional place to walk (or jog or cycle or roller blade or just sit and watch the people go by)? Then check out False Creek and its seawall. On the north side, you can walk anywhere from English Bay to Science World. On the south side anywhere from Science World and the Olympic Village to Granville Island, Kitsilano Beach and beyond.


BC Place Stadium
BC Place Stadium and False Creek


Both sides of False Creek are amazing, but if we had a preference it might be the south side because of its views of the city. There is a stretch just past the Olympic Village that isn’t so special (as the scenery there is mostly just concrete parking lots and wasted space), but except for that little bit, the entire seawall is a first class route for exercising, being outdoors and admiring the beautiful city.

This seawall from English Bay to Granville Island is without a doubt one of the best places in Vancouver for walks, jogging and leisurely bike rides. The False Creek North Seawall also connects with the equally stunning seawalls around Stanley Park and Coal Harbour.


North False Creek

The seawall on the north side of False Creek runs between the Burrard, Granville and Cambie Street bridges. The path is about 2.4 kilometres long with very minimal elevation gain. There is a set of stairs, however, located underneath the Burrard Street Bridge. For those with limited mobility there is an alternate path marked with signs.

As the path is located along the waterfront, it is secluded from the noise and traffic on the roadways. This makes for a very peaceful walk or bike ride!

The North False Creek Seawall is scheduled to be updated within the next few years. Planned improvements for this area include separate walking and cycling paths and updated path signage.


False Creek Seawall in Fall
View of Vancouver from False Creek Seawall


South False Creek

Slightly shorter than the North False Creek Seawall at 2.17 kilometres, the South False Creek Seawall spans the distance between the Cambie Street Bridge and Granville Island. There are cobblestones and bumpy sections in some areas on this side of the False Creek seawall, so those sections aren’t good for rollerblading (so you might just want to walk those parts).

The South False Creek Seawall was recently renovated back in 2018. Improvements to this area include new bike lanes, updated pedestrian paths and other general updates to improve the look and feel of the path.

One of the highlights of the South False Creek Seawall is its view of the City of Vancouver. Close to sunset the light reflects off all the tall buildings and makes for a beautiful view!


False Creek and Granville Island in Fall


Granville Island is a great place to visit and it can be found right at the end of the South False Creek Seawall. The place has a very popular Public Market as well as a selection of Shopping Opportunities and restaurants.

Other attractions on Granville Island include two places to view live theatre and improv comedy. The Arts Club Theatre Company puts on plays and other performances at their Granville Island Stage which can be found very close to the Public Market. Granville Island is also the home of The Improv Centre, which runs internationally-recognized improv comedy shows.


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