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Don’t Flinch Halloween Attraction at Vancouver’s FOMO Gallery

Don't Flinch Vancouver

Don’t Flinch was going to be a new Halloween attraction at Vancouver’s FOMO Gallery. It would have been a haunted house with digital effects and live actors.

The place was set to be a high-tech, hard-core, prison-themed, horror movie-like haunted house.

In 2022 Don’t Flinch was going to be open for serious fright seekers ages 14+ on select dates between October 20th and the 31st.



On October 13th organizers of the event announced that Don’t Flinch was no longer going to happen this year. Instead, it has been postponed until the Halloween season of 2023. Anyone who purchased tickets received a full refund.

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Don’t Flinch at the FOMO Gallery

Hosted by the FOMO Gallery, Don’t Flinch was going to be a new and intense haunted house experience in Vancouver. It was designed as a psychologically-thrilling Halloween attraction full of horror, violence and gore. Only folks over the age of 13 would have been able to enter.

Don’t Flinch was made to be almost like an interactive horror movie. The haunted house was going to feature awesome visual effects and surround-sound speakers, which would have been no surprise given that it was going to be held in a high-tech gallery.

Had it not been cancelled for 2022, the haunted house was going to be a full-contact experience that lasted for about 15 minutes or so. Live actors would have had permission to grab guests. This was going to be a seriously freaky Halloween attraction!


For full event details visit DontFlinch.ca.


Where and When

The FOMO Gallery is located at 221 East Georgia Street in Vancouver. It’s on the east side of Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown.

In 2022 Don’t Flinch was scheduled to run on October 20th to 23rd, 27th to 30th and on Halloween night. In other words, the attraction was going to be open from Thursdays to Sundays in the second half of October, as well as on Monday, October 31st.

Hours of operation were going to be from 6:00 pm until midnight on each day of the event.


Don't Flinch Halloween Attraction


Don’t Flinch Admission

Before the event was cancelled, tickets for Don’t Flinch cost $39 each for everyone ages 14 and above. Once again, kids ages 13 and under were not going to be permitted. Trust us! This would not have been a place for kids! ID was going to be required during check-in.

Don’t Flinch tickets were available online with a list of arrival timeslots to choose from. Since tickets were limited, they were most likely going to sell out. However, in the slim chance that they didn’t sell out, tickets would have been available on-site.

The event was going to be completely indoors so it would not have been impacted by the weather.


For full event details visit DontFlinch.ca.


Tips and Advice

Below are things that are good to know in advance and suggestions for when the Don’t Flinch experience returns.

TIP #1: This was going to be a very intense experience! It was NOT recommended for claustrophobic people. Those with health risks should not enter either. In fact, if you have a visible injury or appear to be intoxicated, you wouldn’t have been allowed inside! The experience was going to be quite intense!

TIP #2: Since Don’t Flinch was going to be a full-contact experience, everyone was warned to not wear their best clothes. They were potentially going to get torn or stained during the experience. There was a chance that liquid was going to spill onto you and live actors might have ripped, stretched or damaged your clothes accidentally. None of that was likely to happen, but it could have. So when the attraction returns, don’t wear your best outfit just in case!

TIP #3: Wondering what to bring with you? Firstly, no food or beverages were going to be allowed inside the venue in 2022. Also, all valuables were going to have to fit inside a ziplock bag measuring 12 by 24 inches. Tiny purses might have been allowed inside, but no backpacks were going to be permitted. In short, it would be best to bring almost nothing with you next Halloween season (except of course for your money and older clothes).

TIP #4: Visit Don’t Flinch with a group of friends and go for food and drinks after your Halloween adventure. There are lots of great restaurants in the area, and it’ll be fun to chat with friends about the experience. Food and alcohol might also help you recover from any post traumatic stress you might experience!


For full event details visit DontFlinch.ca.


Other Information

For more information about the attraction visit the Don’t Flinch website.

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