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North Vancouver’s Shipyards Festival

Shipped Waterfront Festival

The Shipyards Festival is a music festival and street party at the waterfront in the Lower Lonsdale district of North Vancouver in September.

Formerly called the “Shipped Waterfront Festival”, the event celebrated its inaugural year in August in 2018. Renamed the “Shipyards Festival“, it took place again in 2019. Because of COVID-19 it didn’t happen in 2020. The event returned, however, in September 2021. It 2022 the festival happens on September 17th. In 2023 it takes place on Saturday, September 23rd.

For details about the event continue reading or check out the official Shipyard’s Festival website.


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Shipyards Festival & Street Party

2018 was the Shipped Waterfront Festival’s first year and it was an impressive event. Over 7,500 people attended! It was a free event, family-friendly and at an amazing (and easily accessible) venue. The festival was renamed the Shipyards Festival for 2019 and over 15,000 people attended.

The festival didn’t take place in 2020 due the COVID-19 pandemic. It did, however, happen in 2021 on September 25th. The 2022 date is September 17th. Bands performing at this year’s event include Yukon BlondeSaid the WhaleBratpackTeon Gibbs, Uncle Strut and more.


About the Festival

The Shipyards Festival is one of the Lower Mainland’s newest major festivals. It’s part music festival, part street party and fully free to attend!

The festival takes place at various locations along North Vancouver’s waterfront between the Shipyards and Lonsdale Quay. In its inaugural year it featured multiple stages, a couple of beer gardens and kids’ activities. There were also ziplining, climbing wall, axe-throwing and Euro-Bungee jumping opportunities to be had! The 2019 event was similar (although without the ziplining).

The event has a few different stages for its performers. The festival also has a variety of vendors, fun activities for those both young and old, and a liquor license.


Axe Throwing Games
Axe Throwing at the Festival in 2018


When and Where

In 2022 the Shipyards Waterfront Festival happens on Saturday, September 17th, from noon until 10:00 at night.

The venue for the festival includes a large area along the waterfront in the City of North Vancouver. It stretches from the Pier, Pipe Shop and Shipbuilders’ Square at the Shipyards, along the waterfront by the Polygon Gallery, and to Lonsdale Quay.

Lonsdale Quay and the Shipyards are located at the bottom of Lonsdale Avenue by the BC Transit SeaBus station and North Vancouver’s main bus terminal at 123 Carrie Cates Court.


Lonsdale Quay Plaza at Shipyards Festival
Lonsdale Quay during the Shipyards Festival


Festival Activities

The Shipyards Festival includes live music, DJ music, artisan vendors, a Family Zone with kid-friendly activities, food trucks, a beer garden station and community information stalls.


Beer Gardens

There were two areas at the festival where folks ages 19+ can enjoy craft beers and other adult beverages while listening to the music. Usually, one of the beer gardens is on the waterfront side of the Polygon Gallery close to Lonsdale Quay. The other is at Shipbuilders’ Square where the main live music takes place.

In years past the beer vending station in Shipbuilders’ Square was where you could buy Stanley Park Brewing beverages and enjoy them while walking around or at a table in the plaza.


For the most up-to-date details about the event see the official Shipyard’s Festival website.


2022 Music Lineup

Below is the music lineup for 2022. Live music usually takes place at a number of different venues at the Shipyards Festival including on stages in Shipbuilders Square, at Shipyard Commons and out on the pier. There is also child-friendly entertainment in the Seaspan Family Zone.


Shipbuilders Square Stage and Shipyard Commons

The Shipbuilders Square Stage is located in the main plaza at the Shipyards between the Tap and Barrel Restaurant and the newer outdoor covered plaza. (It’s where concerts take place on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer.) Shipyard Commons is the newer giant covered plaza at the Shipyards. It’s where there is a small water park area in the summer and a skating rink in the winter.

Artists performing on the Shipbuilders Square Stage in 2022 include Noodle Boys, Nikkaela, Off Topic, Bad Magic, Ellevator, Lex Leosis, Adewolf, Raincity and Yukon Blonde. The performances on this stage begin at noon, with a different artist taking the stage at the top of each hour.

In 2022, performances on the Shipyards Commons’ Stage start at 12:30 pm. The first performance is by Holy Felix, and they’re followed by Kealoha and Ahsia. Girly. takes the stage next, as well as Uncle Strut, Babe Corner, Teon Gibbs and Brat Pack. The final performance slot on the Shipyards Commons’ Stage in 2022 belongs to Yukon Blonde.


Concert at Shipbuilders' Square
The Boom Booms on Shipbuilders’ Stage

Bedouin Soundclash Concert Video

To give you an idea of what to expect at Shipyard Commons at the end of the night at the Shipyards Festival, check out the video below. It shows scenes of the concert by Bedouin Soundclash in 2021. What a great event it was! The band returned to the Lower Mainland in 2022 when it played at the Vancouver Craft Beer & Music Festival.

Earlier in the day there were a number of other great concerts on the Shipyard Commons Stage, but with fewer people in the audience. By the time the headliner band took the stage, however, the place was absolutely packed!



Seaspan Family Zone and Car Free Day Stage

Typically located at the Pipe Shop in Shipbuilders’ Square, the Family Zone features kid-friendly entertainment, music, dancing and other fun stuff. The area also has children’s play areas.

Entertainers in the Family Zone in 2022 include the Robin Reddy Show, Mom Bop and Mike Battie. There is also face-painting, balloon arts and craft activities for children.

The Car Free Day Stage, meanwhile, is in Carrie Cates Court and features performances from 12:00 pm onward. Bands taking the stage in 2022 include Moving City, Tobacco Brown, Sarah Osborne, Anton Seth, Kyle V, Redwoods, Bookclub, Vox Rea and Blonde Diamond. Click Car Free Day for more information about the separate event.


Concert at Shipped Waterfront Festival
Live Music at Shipbuilders’ Square


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and extra information to help you make the most out of your Shipyards Festival experience.

TIP #1: Especially if coming from anywhere other than the North Shore, take public transit if you can. The event takes place close to the Lonsdale Quay SeaBus Terminal so it couldn’t be more convenient.

TIP #2: Lower Lonsdale is one of Metro Vancouver’s most interesting neighbourhoods, especially in the summer and when there are events going on. While at the festival, explore the area!

TIP #3: The Shipyards Festival has activities for all ages. Bring the whole family and invite your friends! It’s a ton of fun!


For the most up-to-date details about the event see the official Shipyard’s Festival website.


Festival Video

Below is a video showcasing some of the sights and sounds of the Shipped Waterfront Festival from a couple of years ago. The band playing in the video is The Leisure Club and the juggler is Mike Battie.



Other Information

For more details about this great North Vancouver’s end-of-summer event, check out the Shipyards Festival‘s website.

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