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Vancouver’s Parade of Lost Souls involves folk in Halloween costumes walking around, listening to music, enjoying live entertainment and having a good time.

Note: As of midnight of Friday, October 27th, the secret location of the parade for 2017 has been revealed! It’ll take place starting near the corner of Napier and Commercial. See below for more details

Halloween Parade of Lost Souls

The parade takes place on the last Saturday in October in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver and is one of the city’s best and most interesting traditional events for adults at Halloween.

In 2017 the Parade of Lost Souls takes place on the evening of Saturday, October 28th, at a location not announced until the day before. The parade part of the event runs from 7 to 10 pm and the after-party continues from 9 pm to 2 am.

Parade of Lost Souls Skeletons

2017 Parade Route Details

In 2017 the “secret location” for the parade start is Napier Street just off Commercial Drive. The route essentially circumnavigates the facilities of the Britannia Community Services Centre (at 1661 Napier Street) including the library there, Britannia School, a field and the parking lots.

From the Napier-at-Commercial-Drive start the route heads down the alley on the south side of Britannia School to Cotton Drive, through a gravel field, and to near the corner of William Street and Woodland Drive. From there it makes its way north up along the lane beside the field just before McLean Drive, then along the north side of the main Britannia Centre parking lot, around the ice rink building and then along the outside of the swimming pool building before returning to the start.

The same as other years, along the pathways are various art installations and performance venues including, in 2017, at the Altar Ego Plaza, Third Eye Birds Eye Plaza, Cerebral Pathway, Threshold Alley, Carving Pavilion, Telegraph Arch, Thalumus Stage and the Main Stage.

Click Parade Route for a map of the event.

Halloween Weekend

About the Parade

The Parade of Lost Souls is a grassroots Halloween parade/event that happens on the Saturday closest to Halloween in October at a location that isn’t revealed until midnight of the day before.

In most years the event takes place in the neighbourhood of the Britannia Community Centre at 1661 Napier Street and includes a procession down Commercial Drive or some other nearby street, multiple small Halloween-themed live performances scattered around the neighbourhood, and several thousand participants roaming around in spooky costumes.

Halloween Crowds at Parade of Lost Souls

The Parade of Lost Souls is a non-profit event put on by the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret – an artist collective of professional and emerging artists based in East Vancouver. As a non-profit event, donations for participation are strongly encouraged, with $5 being the suggested amount.

An official adults-only after-party usually happens, with tickets most years selling out long in advance.

Lost Souls After-Party

The Lost Souls After-Party is a ticketed event that takes place after the Parade of Lost Souls.

The same as in 2016, this year’s After-Party takes place at The Legion at 2205 Commercial Drive from 9 pm to 2 am. The 2017 event features performances by Rosy Glow, Ingrid Hakanson and the Sex Traffic Panda DJ ensemble.

Tickets for the After-Party cost between $20 and $30 depending on when you get them. They can usually be purchased online or at a Parade Information Booth. In 2017, however, as of the Halloween weekend, similar to most years, the tickets sold out.

Parade of Lost Souls Street Performance

Tips and Advice

Below are a few tips to help you make the most out of your experience at the Parade of Lost Souls.

TIP #1: There are folk of all ages at the Parade of Lost Souls, but primarily adults. There is no beer garden and only a small number of food trucks selling things to eat. Plan to have dinner beforehand, plus perhaps a beverage or two to help with the festivities (assuming you’re 19+).

TIP #2: Wear a costume. It’ll add to your fun!

TIP #3: If you’ve never been to the event before, go! It’s a very interesting cultural experience.

TIP #4: If it has been raining in the previous few days (as it often does in October), wear boots. Some areas along the parade route can get muddy.

Other Information

Check out the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret website for more information about the Lost Souls Parade and After-Party.

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